Does Samuel Montembeault have what it takes to be the number one goalkeeper?

Does Samuel Montembeault have what it takes to be the number one goalkeeper?

Seize the opportunity, own the chair, demonstrate its worth. Regardless of the formula we want to give him, Samuel Montembeault is taking advantage of Jake Allen’s absence to enjoy his best moments in the Canadian’s uniform.

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The Bécancour goaltender played his fifth straight game against the Winnipeg Jets on Tuesday night. A fifth work evening in nine days. A daunting task even for a goalkeeper used to the rhythm of a number one.

During that streak, the 26-year-old masked man held a record of three wins and two losses. But what’s notable is its 0.946 percent savings in these games. Games in which his teammates struggled defensively, with the exception of yesterday.

“Sam leaves traces. We’ll see how he progresses and what decisions we make in the next few games,” said Martin St-Louis in the morning about the task that could fall on the Bécancour goalkeeper in the coming weeks.

It’s night and day compared to last year when Montembeault had some difficulties. In his defence, remember the side were doomed and he had played a good chunk of the season despite suffering a right wrist injury. An injury that even forced him to go under the knife in the summer.

“I didn’t know him very well before I came here,” St-Louis said. But last year he solidified his position as an NHL goaltender. This year he went one step further. He gave us very good matches. He was very consistent. »

“In the games where he was less good, we were less good ourselves in front of him. If we play well, he gives us a chance to win,” he continued.

Can Montembeault still aim for the title of number one goalkeeper? When it came to this question, the head coach of the Canadians preferred to play it safe.

“I don’t think we have enough information to make that statement. But lately Sam’s been playing good hockey. I take my hat off to him, he said. The way we relate to him helps him manage his game. There were several games where we didn’t stand our ground in front of our goalkeepers. We are currently making their task less difficult. »

Good prospects for Hughes

One thing is for sure. Montembeault ousted Cayden Primeau from the race. A few underperformances on his part could have been disastrous or reignited a debate.

Now it’s Kent Hughes who has to rub his hands.

Should Jake Allen recover enough from the upper-body injury that’s keeping him sidelined to interest a team as the trade deadline nears, Montembeault’s outfit will allow the general manager to feel more comfortable with the idea of ​​letting go of his veteran.

Considering Allen will be paid $3.85 million for each of the next two seasons, compared to $1 million for Montembeault, whose contract expires at the end of next season, retaining Montembeault will allow him that money to save well below the salary cap.

Less, for one season.