Does Guiomar really die as Flores in Todas Zoe makes

Does Guiomar really die as Flores in Todas? Zoé makes a new victim to cover up crimes TV news

Things go wrong for Guiomar (Ana Beatriz Nogueira) after she finds out that Zoé (Regina Casé) and Humberto (Fabio Assunção) are involved in human trafficking in Todas as Flores. To prevent the executive from turning her over to the police, the villain convinces her lover to abandon her so that she suffocates in the fire of Rhodes.

During the store’s 100th anniversary celebration, Rafael’s mother (Humberto Carrão) follows the bandit and her husband and sees them kissing on the roof. The footage will be broadcast at the end of the episode, which will be broadcast this Monday (18) on the ten o’clock program on Globo.

“What a beautiful couple. For me, you can stay together forever… In prison, where you go,” jokes Raulzito’s sister (Nilton Bicudo). She further explains that she knows about Vanessa’s mother’s (Letícia Colin) human trafficking plan.

“The party between them is over. I may have been an idiot for a long time, but from now on I won’t calm down until I put an end to her race,” the rich woman continues. Cynically, Humberto still asks who poisoned the woman against him, and Zoé hints at Judite’s (Mariana Nunes) involvement.

The manager reveals that she overheard a conversation between the lovers in her own home. The three continue their discussion in the shop’s engine room, away from the prying eyes of the party guests.

Guiomar also realizes that the two had always planned to get their money, which is why Zoé introduced them to Humberto and also encouraged Rafael’s relationship with Vanessa. Obsessed, the businesswoman fires her husband, who tries to deny his involvement in his mistress’s machinations.

“Do you see? You want to jump off the boat and sink alone. “You made a bad choice,” mocks Ana Beatriz Nogueira’s character. “Come on, Humberto, speak up! Say you knew everything from the beginning. He was one of the first to join the intrigue, he was always my accomplice,” says the blonde.

Enraged, the vixen begins to uncover crimes from the businessman’s past, such as staging a robbery in Rhodes. “You never gave me the chance to prove myself,” the stallion grumbles.

After the exchange, Guiomar tries to escape when he realizes that he is in danger. “Hold that woman, for heaven’s sake. She knows everything. Do something. You do not understand it. She can’t leave here. Do what needs to be done,” demands Zoé.

“I’m not a murderer,” counters Judite’s exboyfriend. The executive begs her husband to release her. “You can’t get out of here. Coward, you don’t have the courage. I have to act,” says the trader, who leaves the engine room and leaves the two locked there.

What happens to Guiomar?

Maíra’s mother (Sophie Charlotte) calls a mysterious partner but can’t get any help to put an end to the rich woman. When Guiomar and Humberto are arrested, they discover that a fire has broken out in the shop. Zoé sees smoke coming from the place where the two are locked up, but doesn’t do anything. Shortly afterwards, the manager begins to feel unwell and loses consciousness.

Regina Casé’s character manages to leave Rhodes safely, but remembers her past with Humberto and returns to release him. “Come on, everything is burning,” says the vixen and lifts her partner from the ground. The ambitious man even suggests getting the woman out of there: “She’ll die.”

“Leave the woman there. She must die. Can’t you see that fire fell from the sky?” says Zoé. The businessman tries to free himself from the drug dealer’s arms to save the businesswoman. “Go save their lives and end ours,” the bandit jokes.

Fabio Assunção’s character then gives up helping Guiomar. Full of remorse, he blames his partner for the whole misfortune. Afterwards, Humberto appears to give Rafael the news of the woman’s death. In addition to the managing director, Raulzito also dies in the fire.

Todas as Flores was created and written by João Emanuel Carneiro. The 85 chapters of the soap opera are available in the Globoplay catalog. Currently the plot is shown on open television after Terra and Paixão.

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