Does Alessandro Iannoni have a girlfriend after Lisola quotUnfortunately

Does Alessandro Iannoni have a girlfriend after L’isola? / "Unfortunately for Mama Carmen.."

Girlfriend Alessandro Iannoni: his ex and the relationship with his mother Carmen di Pietro

Fresh out of retirement from The island of the famous 2022, which he attended alongside his overprotective VIP mom, Carmen Di Pietro, Alessandro Iannoni returns to narrate Verissimo for a new interview: Has he found his girlfriend? In the survival game made in Honduras, art son Alessandro Iannoni made people talk about himself because his mother Carmen Di Pietro was omnipotent in his life, with the showgirl who always seemed ready to poke his nose into the affairs of the Heart of the young son with the golden curriculum vitae of a superstar nerd, enrolled as an economics student at the Luiss University of Rome. In the heart of the recently come of age guest in the Verissimo studio there could be a friend whose identity Alessandro Iannoni could reveal publicly. This, even if considered a disadvantage, the former castaway of The Island of the Famous may have remained single in 2022 when he declared himself in the middle of the reality show Made in Honduras, also because of his mother. Carmen di Pietro.

In a recent interview with Casa Chi, a web format run by Rosalinda Cannavò, Alessandro Iannoni explained that in the past he had a girlfriend named Beatrice, who will have run away from him precisely because of his mother’s intrusive lives and thus in their intimacy as a couple: “I had a friend, Beatrice, who really interested me, but she managed to escape – revealed the guest of Verissimo, and then continued the story with the bitter backgrounds. He called me when I was at Bea’s, he asked me to turn on the speakerphone because there was an urgent problem and then he said: “Come on, don’t be a bad kid to mom”. After a couple of times, Beatrice rightly left me”. Of the words that reveal the strong feeling that kept Alessandro Iannoni attached to his girlfriend and a certain regret from him at having lost the young woman.

Alessandro Iannoni new girlfriend after The Famous Island 2022?

In another interview granted to Today, however Alessandro IannoniHe has revealed that he is close to a new girl, which is why he could reveal the new flame to Verissimo: “Unfortunately my mother has had some feedback from girls who write to me but I haven’t responded to any. Mom, don’t worry, but sooner or later I’ll answer someone, I’m 20 years old! I have a month!”.