Dodi Battaglia dei Pooh was hospitalized with a health problem.  How are you

Dodi Battaglia dei Pooh was hospitalized with a health problem. How are you

Dodi Battaglia had to cancel his summer tour because of some health problems, which forced him to be hospitalized. The historical Pooh guitarist was in Basilicata where one of his much-anticipated concerts was scheduled, but he preferred to relocate to the hospital in nearby Castellaneta, in the province of Taranto. Now the emergency seems to have returned and to have searched for Battaglia himself reassure fans about his condition. He’ll be back on stage soon, but not before taking some rest.

Dodi Battaglia hospitalized

The health of Dodi Battaglia has not worried the fans a little. Pooh’s guitarist, singer and songwriter is a tireless performerbusy with his all summer Anthem to the 2022 music tour, in which he presents his biggest hits to the audience with the same verve and energy as ever. However, Battaglia had to retire because of a “Minor Health Issue”as reported by Taranto’s ASL in a press release.

No details were given about the specific causes of the hospitalization, but we do know that the musician was in Basilicata and decided to move to the province of TarantoHospital San Pio of Castellaneta, a healthcare facility he has known for some time. To them are addressed his heartfelt words of thanks, which he shared through social media: “Hello everyone, I would like to thank Doctor Pepe and all his staff at the San Pio di Castellaneta Hospital for having received me with great care and treating me with exemplary attention and professionalism. Thank you very much“.

Dodi Battaglia has a special relationship with the Apulian hospital, so his choice is not accidental. He knew he would find competent doctors and deal with them in 2014 as well Certificate of the Department of OncologyThey had built an excellent relationship. “In these circumstances, the singer explained that he finds the Hospital of Castellaneta even more welcoming and organized than similar centers in some large cities of northern Italy,” reported the ASL of Taranto.

How is the Pooh musician doing?

First, Dodi Battaglia anticipated his imminent return to the stage in front of the fans: “Today I got fired out of the hospital for all the necessary tests – he wrote on Instagram three days ago – and I must say that I am fine. The doctors advised me to take it a few days of convalescence until 17.08. The next appointment is on August 18th in Candela”.

An appointment that he had to cancel with great sadness, along with that of August 19 in Castelnuovo Parano, “to give me a more appropriate time for my recovery”, as the artist shared. A few more days to rest e come back more charged than ever in the presence of his loyal audience, eager to see (and hear) him again.

Unsurprisingly, as one browses his social profiles, one is overwhelmed by a surge of affection mixed with concern from those who should have attended this week’s concerts, or simply the fans of their lives: “Come Master we are with you”, “I was expecting Dodi, but I understand your situation. A warm hug”, “Get well soon, dear Dodi, your health is the most important thing. A big hug” are indeed just a few of many many encouraging words and best wishes for the historic Pooh guitarist.