"Doctors always present".  Health, hypochondria: what Putin really has

"Doctors always present". Health, hypochondria: what Putin really has

sick is sick. But even those close to him consider him a hypochondriac. The war expert and scholar Michael ClarkeProfessor at King’s College London and well respected and well known among Brits, he told Sky News Wladimir Putin He would be so afraid of getting sick that his doctors would never leave him alone.

What happened to his eye?

Unknown and only surfaced in the last few days, the causes that Putin would have had in mind Black at a meeting in Kyiv some time ago: illness or something else? Telegram channel “General SVR”, always very well informed about the health of the tsar, wrote that a few days ago the Russian President “Help urgent medical “caused by an illness or disease from which he would suffer. “Severe malaise, weakness and dizziness” were the symptoms that Putin then explained to the doctors, who advised him not to spend too much time in public. Il Messaggero, the symptoms would appear after getting up from his desk at the end of an hour and a half video conference session.

The latest on Putin’s health

This is the latest appearance at an event in the Kremlin a few days ago, where the Russian President met with the President of the Russian Cultural Foundation and Director Nikita Mikhalkov for the presentation of state prizes in the field of science and science of technology, literature and art would have accused Putin of a lot fatigue swaying back and forth and quite unsteady on his feet. Between speculation and reality, a former British spy told the BBC that the Tsar would have a few months “counted days” before he would be replaced in power, for two reasons: the progressing illness and the discontent that was growing among loyalists caused for the particular operation in Ukraine was poorly designed and poorly performed.

Christopher Steele, the former spy, spoke about it signals evident that his health is deteriorating. “And if what we’re being told by the CIA, other agencies, and our own sources is true, then it looks like it could become ineligible.” While rumors and videos have been pouring in from various quarters in recent months, in that Putin didn’t appear to be in top form, there seems to be a grain of truth in them. The Kremlin is silent to protect its president, but the continuous and new health revelations cannot stay hidden forever.