Do you want to get out of the friend zone

Do you want to get out of the friend zone? These 3 attitudes will make your relationship TAKE OFF Consider Concursos Brasil

Anyone who is in a relationship or looking to get into one needs to know some secrets that will make any relationship stronger. This means that these practices avoid misunderstandings and signs of wear and tear in living together.

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Read on and learn the top three secrets to a happy and healthy relationship or marriage. They require a certain amount of attention in order not to give in to their instincts and repeat old patterns of behavior.

However, if both parties make an effort, any relationship can evolve, become more serious, and keep both parties happier.

1 Allow yourself to be vulnerable

Vulnerability is what connects us. Any relationship is stronger when we see each other’s weaknesses and they can accept help. It is our mistakes, fears and weaknesses that make us human and make any relationship stronger.

A person who does not show feelings and does not allow the other to help him is not fully surrendering to the relationship.

2 Don’t be afraid to set boundaries

For any relationship to work, boundaries are fundamental. This happens in marriage, with friends, at work, with clients, etc. That said, say if something is bothering you and know how to respect your partner’s boundaries.

This applies to jokes, exaggerated requests, criticism, even financial issues. When you set boundaries, the relationship becomes healthier.

3 Knowing how to give space to the other

Finally, giving space to the other person is crucial. This means allowing her to be who she is, be it in terms of what she does for fun, how she dresses, what she likes to listen to, her hobbies, etc.

It’s also important that everyone has their time to be alone. If everyone has their own interests, the exchange will be richer and the relationship will be more interesting for both.