Do you remember the mythological Elga Profili, an enemy of Gemma Galgani?  He Changed His Life, He Does    Tutto News

Do you remember the mythological Elga Profili, an enemy of Gemma Galgani? He Changed His Life, He Does Tutto News

Do you remember the historical lady of the throne of men and women, Elga Profili? What happened to the lawyer who is Gemma Galgani and Tina Cipollari’s antagonist? Here’s what he’s doing today and what his new job is.

For years, dozens of characters have alternated on the chairs of the living room of men and women. Since the introduction of the Over version, the replacements have come at a much faster rate and week after week the show’s adoring audience has had the opportunity to become curious about these faces, but also to witness some very fiery dynamics in the studio. Unlike young people, older personalities have the opportunity to socialize and socialize outside, not necessarily in front of the cameras.

Before the advent of Gemma Galgani and Ida Platano, who with their tormented stories have animated most of the episodes of recent years, there was always more space for other women, very protagonists within the show. One of the most talked about characters, who took part in various discussions on the show, not always addressed to her, was Elga Profili. But who is he, what has he been up to and above all, where is he now after years of not being a participant of the Canale 5 dating show?

What happened to Elga Profili?

Elga Profili was one of the undisputed protagonists of the line of succession of the program directed by Maria De Filippi. The woman often sat in the middle of the studio to tell the public about her acquaintance with the former knight Antonio Jorio. However, the two failed to turn those outings into a relationship. So the lady he had turned his attention to another man, Samuel. Again there was no happy ending for the beautiful Marche. The lawyer aborted the transmission and then returned to win the heart of “Il Gabbiano”, Giorgio Manetti, Gemma Galgani’s former historian.

However, the man refused, precisely in relation to the latter. In fact, the two always appeared on the ground floor as excellent friends. After that, all traces of Profili disappeared; He stopped attending the Elios studios in Rome and retired from the limelight once and for all. After various arguments with Galgani and Tina Cipollari, Elga also seems to have put her legal career on the back burner. As the pictures on Instagram in her profile show, she is a talented painter today. His images appear around the house, attracting consensus and comment from his nearly seven thousand followers. Here’s a very recent one:

Do you remember the mythological Elga Profili an enemy of

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