Do you remember Othello from Un Posto al Sole The

Do you remember Othello from Un Posto al Sole? The tragic health problem Daily Read

Do you remember Othello? He was one of the most popular characters of the famous Italian soap opera Un posto al Sole. After the terrible health problem, he completely disappeared from the scene: we find out what happened to him.

Lucio AlloccaLucio Allocca –

Surely the most avid fans of Un Posto al Sole will remember Othello. The actor Lucio Allocca has been responsible for the fact that we no longer see him on the small screen for a number of years. Where have you been? After the serious health problem, his life has completely changed: let’s find out more.

Lucio Allocca, Othello from Un Posto al Sole: the serious health problem

Lovers of the famous Rai 3 soap opera will remember Lucio Allocca, the former Othello of Un posto al sole. Her character has remained in everyone’s hearts, although it’s been a long time since she left fiction.

The policeman at the Palazzo Palladini was not of good character at all. He was a picky man and a grumpy one too. But when he finally left the cast of A Place in the Sun, millions of viewers were disappointed and shocked.

Lucio AlloccaLucio Allocca –

Also in 2018 he was hit by one health problem suddenly. The man was struck by a heart attack right at his home in Naples. He was taken to the hospital for an angioplasty operation that lasted several hours.

Today the Neapolitan actor is doing well, even if he has lived through a story that has undoubtedly shaped him, but which he always tells with a lot of irony, in fact he said in an interview:

“Why? What happened? I don’t remember. At some point I took the elevator down and a strange car was waiting for me. We only had to replace a few spark plugs on the car. After several kilometers there was a service”.

It was a great scare for the fans and especially for the actor’s family. But do you know what happened to Lucio Allocca? Let’s get to know her life away from TV better today.

What happened to Lucio Allocca? his new life

Since leaving the well-known film set in Naples, Lucio has dedicated himself to other activities, namely his family and teaching young actors. In fact, not everyone knows it’s straight a teacher and works at the Pigrecoemme film school.

He has always loved teaching, in fact after graduating from the Polytechnic Artistic Circle of Naples School of Dramatic Art he taught at the Academy of Dramatic Art at the Bellin Theatre.

Lucio AlloccaLucio Allocca –