Do you remember Martina Colombari e is the physique he

Do you remember Martina Colombari? e is the physique he wears at 47

Martina Colombari, what a physicist at 47Martina Colombari: Do you remember her? Here she is today at 47 years old

Impossible not to remember the beautiful Martina Colombari. But have you seen how she’s doing today? The 47-year-old is the envy of the 20-year-old. let’s see it together

Time never seems to pass for Martina Colombari. Today she is 47 years old and has an amazing physique. Did you see how it turned out? I can’t believe that’s how he did it.

Martina Colombari She is considered one of the most beautiful women in show business. She made her debut at a very young age by winning a Miss Italy. She was only 16 at the time and had no idea what life had in store for her. During her long career, she first approached the small screen as a co-host by various programs such as Un Disco per l’Estate and Controcampo.

Then he decided to enroll in diction, where he learned the main ones acting techniques which allowed her to break through into the movie theater. Have you seen how she is today? His crazy taxman will leave you speechless. let’s see it together

Martina Colombari: The bikini photo is breathtaking

Colombari’s big screen debut was in the 1991 film Very tanned. Not only that, she then returned to television to star in some hit fiction like Carabinieri. To this day, fans remember her in the role of Joy Capello. For viewers, she is one of those women who is not only beautiful but also very talented in her work. Today has 47 years old but for her time she seems to have stopped at Miss Italy.

Martina Colombari crazy figure by the seaMartina Colombari: What a scream in a bikini

Martina Colombari was one of the most popular Miss Italy of all time. Although 31 years have passed since her victory, she still makes everyone dream with her beauty. The showgirl recently graduated 47 years old but for her, time never seems to have passed. Many fans are wondering what hers is beauty secret. Let’s find out together.

This is how the former Miss Italy keeps in shape

In response to fans’ curiosity, the showgirl has revealed that her secret to staying in shape is very simple. In fact, he loves exercising every day and eating healthy. He also confided almost never eat meatMartina confirmed that this choice brought her many advantages.

A few days ago he posted a photo of the beautiful beaches of You love me, but it was his stunning physique that drew everyone’s attention. the bikini looks like it’s been painted on her, not to mention her six pack abs. Obviously, the post was bombarded with likes and comments within minutes. What do you think about it?

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