Do you remember Elisabetta Ferracini, Mara Venier’s favorite daughter?  That’s how it was today    all the news

Do you remember Elisabetta Ferracini, Mara Venier’s favorite daughter? That’s how it was today all the news

Mara Venier is a presenter of undoubted talent. But do you remember his daughter Elisabetta Ferracini? That’s how it became.

Many know the iconic face of Mara Venier, long-time TV presenter who managed to penetrate the heart of each of us and soon become the aunt of Italy. For the past year we have seen her at the forefront of her flagship show, Domenica In, leaving room for many of the artists who have taken part in prominent local television programs such as the Sanremo Festival. There is never a lack of interesting statements from different personalities in his Sunday room.

For years, women have been the undisputed Sunday afternoon helmsmen of millions of Italians. Over time, Mara has traversed a path that is far from smooth and has always managed to stand out for her talent. A visible talent not only in managing his professional life, but also in his personal life, which, like everyone else, consists of so many pains and just as many joys. One of his joys is certainly Elisabetta Ferracini, his daughter. do you remember her

Elisabetta Ferracini, here is Mara Venier’s daughter today

Elisabetta Ferracini, the daughter of Mara Venier and the actor Francesco Ferracini, who died six years ago, was born in Venice in 1968. As many will know, the woman worked for the small screen, somewhat following in the footsteps of the famous mother. For example, we saw her at the helm of Solletico, a Rai program that was a resounding success in the ’90s.

At just 23 years old, thanks to two parents so talented and famous, she made her debut on the small screen as an actress in the fiction Chiara And The Others, but this is certainly not her only experience. In addition to the Solletico already mentioned, it also presented the famous Christmas format for the little ones: Lo zecchino d’oro. We also remember her as a correspondent for Quelli che il calcio. In short, he has achieved quite a lot of achievements in his life.

We know about Elisabetta’s private person because she is very active on Instagram where she has a following of 80,000 followers. She has a son with former Carlo Longari while she is currently engaged to Pierfrancesco Forleo. With him she lives carefree in the capital. Wherever possible, of course, there are no missing recordings that immortalize them with Mara Venier. He has a very special relationship with her as evidenced in the photo below taken just a few hours ago.

Do you remember Elisabetta Ferracini Mara Veniers favorite daughter Thats

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