Do you know what the Triple Chain Reaction Twins do?  It will amaze you

Do you know what the Triple Chain Reaction Twins do? It will amaze you

Chain reaction is with a success really unbelievable, what you hoped for. Marco Liorni He’s doing a great job, especially as the summer crowd is very demanding. In fact, Italians want fun, music and lots of laughter. That’s what we find every night at dinner time on Rai1.

Nowadays they are depopulation three truly incredible guys who take the name The Three Twins. Let’s get to know them better.

The Three Twins, masters of the chain reaction

chain reaction is the program most popular and favorite summer season of recent years. That gives us the most carefree in such a beautiful, sunny and fun time of the year. Marco Liorni, helmsman for some time, calmly there distracts to the sound of music and words.

On these evenings they have been since June 8th depopulation three boys to whom the title is bestowed rehearse and twice they also took home the final prize pool. That pseudonym selected by the team members, awakens curiosity and interest of the Italian public.

In fact, one wonders if they really are Twins, or not. The answer is no. Only two are actually twin brothers, namely Daniele and Andrea. Instead, Lorenzo is one of them cousin born under the sign of Gemini. The three boys also chose this name because of the report very agree with each other.

The three twins who they are

The Three Twins win the title night after night rehearse and they turn out to be very prepared and resourceful. They are not very outgoing, but in their Quiet You could take some things home with you nest egg. The three boys listen to the names Lorenzo, Andrea and Daniele and are descendants Brianza.

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We don’t actually have many information Yes you. We only know why they chose this one pseudonym take part in the chain reaction. Daniele and Andrea are brothers, although judging by the resemblance it seems that they really are twins. In that sense, no one has done this before Clarity.

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Lorenzo, on the other hand, is one of them cousin born under the sign of Gemini. They decide to participate together and with that nickname because of the fortress shortcut that binds them. They also showed this affinity in the game. Let’s see if we learn a little more about them these days.