1674383491 Do you have mail for you Maria De Filippi dress

Do you have mail for you Maria De Filippi dress? A detail is sensational…

Do you have mail for you Maria De Filippi dress

On Saturday evening, January 21st, Post is ready for you on Canale 5. On the other hand, of course, it is his kingdom that runs the operations Maria DeFilippi, reached the third episode of this new season of the historical format. And in the studio, De Filippi showed up with a very elegant and precious dress, signed by the famous stylist Alexander McQueen.

By the way, this is the same dress worn by about a year ago Sonja Bruganelli during an episode of Gf Vip: a black mini dress with white inserts seen in the photo. And the fact that it was the same dress didn’t escape the notice of the most observant on social media. In fact, there were those who wrote to the wife of Paul Bonolis: “Sonia, Maria stole your dress … forgive her!”. For her part, Bruganelli responded with a series of laughing emoticons and the comment “It’s an honor.”

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In short, Bruganelli is happy that De Filippi wore the same dress as 12 months ago. The dress, it must be said, is not for everyone. In fact it is something that mere mortals are forbidden: the price is actually 1,790 euros. On the other hand, the Alexander McQueen brand is one of the most famous and appreciated in the world today.

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