Dmitry Medvedev to European citizens: "In the elections, punish your governments for their stupidity" |  Tue Maio: "Unacceptable Disturbance"

Dmitry Medvedev to European citizens: "In the elections, punish your governments for their stupidity" | Tue Maio: "Unacceptable Disturbance"

“Your Democracy Made of Madmen” –

“Of course we want peaceful cooperation, trade, trade and other things that are normal. We are not closed to anyone, we support every reasonable proposal,” writes the former prime minister and former president, who wants to carve out a leading role for himself in the post-Putin era. “When the price of European democracy is cold in apartments and empty refrigerators, this democracy is for the crazy,” Medvedev adds, referring to the consequences of sanctions against Russia for the war in Ukraine. “That is why four European governments have already resigned in a short space of time. But this is clearly not the end. Votes are a powerful lever of influence on even the most frozen politicians,” he says.

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Dmitry Medvedev to European citizens quotIn the elections punish your

“Europeans are taking action against the idiots who rule you” –

“So act, European neighbors! Do not be silent. Hold your idiots accountable. And we will listen to you. The advantage is obvious: winter is much warmer and more pleasant in the company of Russia than in glorious isolation with the stove. gas off,” concludes Dmitry Medvedev, threatening to cut off Russian gas supplies to Europe.

Di Maio: ‘Russian interference is worrying, everyone should distance themselves’ –

The interference of the Russian government in the Italian elections is really worrying. This was stated by the Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and Head of Civic Engagement, Luigi Di Maio, in a message on his Twitter profile. In the statement, Di Maio stated: “A Russian exponent, Dmitry Medvedev, is once again intervening with a straight leg on domestic issues and this time also giving a signal to vote.” Luigi Di Maio called on Italian political forces to be “clear and without hesitation to distance himself from the Russian propaganda”. The Foreign Minister added: “We are working on diversifying gas supply sources because we cannot rely on who, with the money of the Italians, is financing the bloody war in Ukraine, with repercussions that will also significantly increase the prices of the bills The Italians dizzy. That’s why there needs to be a cap on gas prices in the EU.”

Pd: Ambiguous right to Russian interference, distance yourself –

“Dmitry Medvedev, the hawk of the Russian regime, supporter of the massacres in Ukraine, enters the Italian election campaign and urges voters to punish the government in the elections. Serious fact of interference, everyone should distance themselves, starting with an increasingly ambiguous right to the issue,” explained Enrico Borghi of the National Secretariat of the Democratic Party.