Divorce from Kevin Costner Luxury is part of childrens DNA

Divorce from Kevin Costner: “Luxury is part of children’s DNA”

Kevin Costner and his legal team appeared at a hearing in Santa Barbara yesterday to try to negotiate the huge alimony payment his ex-wife is seeking from him following their divorce.

The separation from Hollywood actor Kevin Costner is likely to be lengthy and costly. After announcing his divorce from Christine Baumgartner last May, she demanded the hefty sum of $336,000 a month from him to support their three children.

The 68-year-old actor refused, saying that he was unable to pay this amount given the end of his adventure in the Yellowstone series. The request was down to $237,000 per month, while Costner’s legal team’s proposal was about $80,000 per month.

“At this point, luxury is part of children’s DNA,” Madame’s lawyer said during the hearing in Santa Barbara, according to People.

Kevin Costner’s ex-wife currently receives about $175,000 per month in support for three children, ages 16, 14 and 13; An amount that is not appropriate, according to Ms. Baumgartner’s representative.

The Baumgartner clan appears willing to negotiate, as the amount requested fell to around $217,000 during Thursday’s hearing, according to court documents also obtained by People.

In the event of a divorce, the prenuptial agreement between the two parties guaranteed Costner’s ex-wife an amount of approximately $2 million. A hearing to confirm compliance with this agreement is scheduled for November.