Dispensable core humor hinders All Flowers and irritates the public TV news

Dispensable core humor hinders All Flowers and irritates the public TV news

Todos as Flores has been highly acclaimed by the public and critics since the first chapters arrived on Globoplay, but a core completely collides in João Emanuel Carneiro’s soap opera. Oberdan’s (Douglas Silva) love triangle with Dira (Valentina Bandeira) and Jussara (Mary Sheyla), who are rumored to be responsible for injecting humor into the plot, hinders the story more than it entertains. It is not uncommon to find people on social networks who prefer to skip the scenes of the musician family.

The basic humor of the series changed and lost space when Globo decided to move the saga of Maíra (Sophie Charlotte) from open television to streaming also reducing the number of chapters and emphasizing some characters.

In the same way, Oberdan’s approach to sex addiction ended up being more shallow than the author probably intended. So far, it’s not even clear that the artist’s jumps are actually due to an illness that needs treatment.

Uninteresting, the sequences of Celinho’s parents (Leonardo Carvalho) seem lost amid the strong dramas that dominate the telenovela. And what should serve as comic relief actually causes some viewer embarrassment.

After all, what’s the fun in seeing Jussara being made into a bundle again by her husband after forgiving multiple betrayals? Even more so by bringing the pagodeiropossessed lover into her own house. It’s a joke that doesn’t fit so well in 2022.

Although Valentina Bandeira delighted fans with funny videos on social networks, she did not add humor to the series. Incidentally, the portrayal of the actress and the characterization of Dira are very similar to Cora from The More Life, The Better! (2021) even if it’s hard to separate one character from another.

Another factor makes Oberdan’s core problematic: other characters manage to bring comic relief to the narrative in a more natural way. Such is the case of Mauritania (Thalita Carauta), who fell in love with the public and stole all the attention.

Thalita even knows how to control the dose of humor and drama in the career of the exprostitute who has become rich as Raulzito’s (Nilton Bicudo) sole heir and has turned Rhodes upside down since she took a job at the company.

That’s homework for Oberdan and company, because there’s still time to turn the game around and reverse the public denial. With 45 chapters, the first part of the story will be ready next month. The second part with 40 episodes should only come to the platform in the second quarter of 2023, i.e. between April and June.

Check out netizens’ comments on the soap opera’s core humor:

the worst core of all flowers is oberdan and dira what unbearable scenes i bet no one likes this boring fuck story

— Doubt (@dudonhas) November 16, 2022

I hope that Oberdan core will be corrected in the second season of the soap opera. It’s so boring, oh my god #AllAsFlowers

— Gus 🇧🇷🏳️‍🌈 (@Gus_pmarques) November 18, 2022

I HATE the nuclear family of Oberdan and Jussara in #AllAsFlowers
An excruciatingly annoying thing, this tired act of a terminally unfaithful husband, a jealous cunt wife, and to make matters worse there’s this torment of Dira literally molesting and blackmailing the guy. Banned in 45 countries 😷

— amazing Amy (@laricadenoite) November 17, 2022

think of an unbearable thing is this core of oberdan #allflowers

— Luiz (@oxenteluiz) November 17, 2022

joão emanuel carneiro urgently needs to clarify what to do with the core of oberdan because it’s boring, underrated for the level of the actors involved and drags down a great soap opera #AllAsFlowers

— Siringuete (@amarianmeida) November 19, 2022

The soap opera is wonderful, but I’m honestly skipping the scenes with Oberdan and Rafael’s cheesy stuff with Maira #AllAsFlowers

— Rai overcomes Heartlessness (@Rai_Rodrigue) November 17, 2022

To me, all Oberdan Cores come from a bad offshoot of All Flowers. Douglas deserved a much better role#AllAsFlowers

— Caique 📖 (@TNWcaique) November 15, 2022

The good thing about streaming soap operas is that you can skip the boring scenes. Oberdans in All Flowers sucks

Tavinho (@tidinhomeneghel) November 15, 2022

I’m in the club of people who skip the Oberdan part. dg, i love you, but i don’t have to put up with comic kernels (which is not funny at all) #AllAsFlowers

— Leticia Sampaio (@leticiasampaio) November 16, 2022

I spend all the Oberdan scenes with the Dira 😁 unbearable #AllAsFlowers

— nine⁴⁴ 🇺🇸 (@tsocialntwork) November 16, 2022

What if I skipped all the Oberdan scenes #AllFlowers🇧🇷 pic.twitter.com/272mxhdcsR

VICTOR MARQUES 🌟 (@victormarques) November 16, 2022

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