Disney: Ex  manager earns 9,505 a day

Disney: Ex manager earns $119,505 a day

(ANSA) — NEW YORK, JAN 18 — A golden reward for just 70 days of work. Geoff Morrell, a former Walt Disney executive, was making an estimated $119,505 a day during his less than four months at the company in 2022. The Wall Street Journal does the math, highlighting how the data is performing amid increasing pressure on Mickey Mouse to compensate managers. Morrell served as Disney’s chief corporate affairs officer for 70 days and left the company after the company’s clash with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. He was paid $8,365,403 for those 70 days, including $1 million for the first move from Los Angeles to London and return to the City of Angels.

The Wall Street Journal’s calculations are likely to increase pressure on Disney, which is in a battle with active investor Nelson Peltz, who is asking for a seat on the board and, more importantly, cost pressure.




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