1672714633 Discover the phases of the embalming process performed on Peles

Discover the phases of the embalming process performed on Pelé’s body OFoxico

skin died on December 29, 2022 in São Paulo and will not be buried until January 3, 2023 in the city of Santos in Baixada Paulista. The body of football king Edson Arantes do Nascimento has undergone an embalming process to make the body last longer.

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skinPelé TV Globo/Disclosure/Reinaldo Marques

The treatment decided by the family of the former player, who has been battling colon cancer since 2021, has several phases The Fox now tells how they are made, according to information from the Funerária Santa Casa.

Step 1: body wash

The first stage of embalming the corpses is to purify them. The clothes are removed from the body, then an inner and then an outer wash begins. Special chemical products are used for this phase, such as: B. Germicides. The goal is to eliminate bacteria that can accelerate decomposition.

Pele died of cancerPele died of cancer. Photo: Playback/Instagram @pele

Step 2: Drain blood

After the washing is complete, the embalmer proceeds to drain the blood. Its retreat is important to avoid bruising and blood clots as much as possible. In this way, an incision is made in the area between the shoulder and the neck of the deceased. A tube is inserted through it into the body and the blood is drained.

Step 3: Chemical solution injection

After the blood is drawn, a chemical solution of water and formaldehyde is injected.. these are components important for the preservation of the corpse. So this is the most important step. In it, the incision made in the previous step will be used.

Young Pelé celebrating the victory of the Brazilian team on a soccer fieldPelé, the king of the world championships. Photo: Disclosure

Step 4: Seam

After draining and injecting the compound, the incision has served its purpose and can be closed. At this stage, the embalmer dedicates his time to closing the incision made.

Step 5: body massage

If the incision is properly closed, the professional massages the body. The aim is to eliminate the stiffness of stiff muscles.. This gives the corpse a more natural and lifelike representation. In addition, it avoids the fear of those who touch the body.

Kylian Mbappe shakes hands with PeleKylian Mbappé shakes hands with Pele Grosby Group

Step 6: Clothing and Necromakeup

The final step in embalming corpses is effectively preparing the body for the wake. In it, the corpse is dressed in the clothing chosen by the family or by the dead person still alive. There is also Necro makeup, which gives the deceased a more natural look and conceals blemishes. After that, he can already be forwarded to the procession.


skin setPelé left the scene at the age of 82. Playback: Instagram

Edson Arantes do NascimentoO skin, died on December 29, 2022. The former player, who has been battling colon cancer since 2021, had been hospitalized at Israelita Albert Einstein Hospital in the south of the city since November 29, when he was admitted with swelling all over his body. There, in addition to an edema syndrome and decompensated heart failure, the clinical staff diagnosed anasarca, a generalized swelling, in the former athlete.

The news of death was confirmed by Kely Nascimento, one of the king’s daughters. “We owe everything we are to you. we love you endlessly Rest in peace,” he wrote.

On November 30, Pelé was uneasy, according to ESPN. When he arrived at the hospital he was diagnosed with mental confusion and the tests he underwent were also designed to check for the possibility of hepatic encephalopathy, which is the deterioration in brain function that occurs in people with severe liver disease due to toxic substances normally produced by excreted by the liver, accumulate in the blood and reach the brain.

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Although the children had tried to reassure fans, Pelé’s health was already worrying doctors and family members as the chemotherapy he was undergoing failed to provide satisfactory answers to control the tumors that had spread to different parts of his body. Pelé also had trouble eating, which weakened him even more.

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