Discover the air conditioner that doesnt waste energy public consultation

Discover the air conditioner that doesn’t waste energy public consultation

Air conditioners are among the most energyintensive devices. However, Indian workers discovered a way to cool the air without wasting electricity by combining ceramic tubes and Egyptian knowledge.

The invention originated in a factory in India, where employees used physics to cool the environment. Your system uses multiple humidified ceramic tubes, and as hot air from the generator flows through the tubes, colder air exits the other side.

Conventional air conditioning systems consume a lot of energy

While the Indian invention is not popular, many people spend time using traditional air conditioners. A tip so that the energy bill is not too high is to unplug the device after use.

However, it is not the only device that consumes energy, other devices also contribute.

Both the electric stove and the electric ovens consume a lot of energy. To reduce consumption, it is ideal to unplug the device from the mains after use.

The tumble dryer is also one of the appliances that uses the most energy, so you need to check out the most efficient appliances to buy or opt for a gas dryer.

Another device is the electric heater, which is often used in cold regions, but since it consumes almost as much as a shower, it is very expensive to maintain. It can be replaced with gas heating, such as fireplaces.

This appliance is one of the most common in Brazilian homes, namely the microwave. It should be turned off when no one is using it, as the connection alone consumes a lot of power.