Disappointing mornings for QS

Disappointing mornings for QS

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois is in mea culpa mode these days.

These are disappointing mornings for QS since the election.

The election results were not disastrous, but they will not go down in the history books.

Solidaires had everything to become the alternative to CAQ. It did not happen.

However, I’ve been watching Solidarity take the lead since the election, GND, and I find we’re having a bit of introspection. We avoid questions that hurt.

With the various congresses and confidence votes coming up in 2023, we are on the defensive.

The notorious orange tax has become a useful culprit. The alibi of all sorts of evils. Admittedly she was unhappy, but she’s not her only Waterloo.

Some say that before the orange tax, QS frequented the 20% in the polls. It is wrong. Nothing, no serious survey confirms this claim, which is repeated almost everywhere to ease our conscience.

QS was 15% before the election, he ended up at 15%. score bar.

The “orange tax” excuse has become a nice convenience at QS. It allows them to avoid distracting questions. And deeper for GND and the party.

joint abnormalities

There are issues that have become taboo within Québec Solidaire.

First, how can a sovereign party, without ever scratching its head, accept the fact that there is a majority of federalists in its ranks? And why do so many federalists feel comfortable in the Solidarity House?

Second, today we look at QS’s constituency and find that it is made up mostly of upper-middle-class Quebecers from the various urban centers. Well-paid young bourgeois from certain gentrified neighborhoods.

Third, how is it that a left-wing, ecological, pro-labor party is courting the same voters and with the same stance as the PLQ – Party of Business, Enterprises, Employers?

We can stop with the orange tax, the CAQ wave or I don’t know what excuse, QS today is facing traffic jams that are difficult to avoid.

national affairs

As long as the Solidarność side flees like the plague from any identity issue – language, secularism, immigration – it will remain this party of the urban centers.

It is enough to read the party’s documents to realize that the words “independence”, “Quebec Nation” or even “Quebec Identity” are almost always non-subscribers. A footnote at most, a bit embarrassing.

Every time we talk about the Quebec nation at QS, we feel them on high alert. As if it were fundamentally negative. Like it’s an accumulation of shame rather than an accumulation of pride.

We can accuse François Legault of a certain defensive nationalism. But we cannot take away the Prime Minister’s affection for Quebec and his pride in belonging to our part of the country.

Do we feel a minimum of this pride when GND speaks, when solidarity speaks? Not really.

A Quebec NDP

As he continues his line, QS silently morphs into the NPD Quebec version.

It will realize this idea that has come up a number of times in our history.

And like the NDP in Ottawa, QS will be friendly and warm. The conscience of Parliament, as they say.

He will mostly be harmless and far from the power.

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