[DirecTV Sports EN VIVO] When will Al-Nassr vs. Al Ittihad with Cristiano Ronaldo?

[DirecTV Sports EN VIVO] When will Al-Nassr vs. Al Ittihad with Cristiano Ronaldo?

DirecTV Sports EN VIVO When will Al Nassr vs Al Ittihad

BROADCAST of Al-Nassr vs. Al-Itihad ONLINE for the Saudi Arabian Super Cup Semifinals. Review the meeting schedule guide.

Al-Nasr vs. Al-Ittihad EN VIVO play on Thursday, January 26 for the semi-finals of the Saudi Arabian Super Cup. The match will take place at King Fahd International Stadium (Riyadh) from 13:00 (Peruvian time). Transmission is via DirecTV Sports (DSports) channel signal, but you can also follow La Rep├║blica Deportes ONLINE coverage, with the result updated every minute and video compilation of the goals of Cristiano Ronaldo and Co.

Al-Nasr vs. Al-Ittihad: ficha del partido

BrokenAl-Nasr vs. Al-Ittihad
when do they playThursday, January 26th
What’s the time?1 p.m. (Peru)
Where from?King Fahd International Stadium
On which channel?DirecTV Sports (DSports).

After a somewhat cold official debut at his new club after failing to score despite winning, Cristiano Ronaldo faces a new challenge as he bids for a spot in the Saudi Arabian Super Cup final. ‘CR7’, who played 90 minutes in Al-Nassr’s win in his last game in the Saudi league, will try to score his first goal with the capital team’s shirt.

When do Al-Nassr vs. Al-Ittihad play?

  • Costa Rica, Mexico (downtown): 12:00 p.m
  • Colombia, Ecuador, Peru: 1 p.m
  • United States (Miami, New York, Washington DC): 1:00 p.m
  • Bolivia, Venezuela: 2 p.m
  • Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay: 3 p.m
  • Spain: 7 p.m
  • Saudi Arabia: 9:00 p.m

Which channel is broadcasting Al-Nassr vs. Al-Ittihad?

  • Saudi Arabia: SSC
  • Argentina: DSports
  • Chile: DSports
  • Ecuador: DSports
  • Peru: DSports
  • Uruguay: DSports
  • Venezuela: DSports
  • United States: ESPN Sports.

Where to watch Al-Nassr vs. Al Ittihad ONLINE?

So don’t miss Al-Nassr vs. Al-Itiihad online broadcast is powered by DirecTV (DGO), the streaming service of the DirecTV Network. Another option is to watch the game through the Shahid Steaming Platform (shahid.mbc), with a subscription price of $14 per month. If you don’t have access to these, you can also find out through La Rep├║blica Deportes’ ONLINE reporting.

How to Watch Al-Nassr vs. Al-Ittihad on DirecTV Sports?

  • Argentina: Channel 610 (SD) and 1610 (HD)
  • Chile: Channel 610 (SD) and 1610 (HD)
  • Ecuador: Channel 610 (SD) and 1610 (HD)
  • Peru: Channel 610 (SD) and 1610 (HD)
  • Uruguay: Channel 610 (SD) and 1610 (HD)
  • Venezuela: Channel 610 (SD) and 1610 (HD).