DIRECT.  War in Ukraine: Kremlin says Western tanks won’t change “anything” on the ground

DIRECT. War in Ukraine: Kremlin says Western tanks won’t change “anything” on the ground

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Zelenskyy calls for tanks and long-range missiles to “stop the evil”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has urged Western allies meeting in Germany to “speed up” arms supplies, including requesting tanks to repel the Russian invasion. President Zelenskyy, via video link to those gathered at the US Ramstein Air Force Base, said the allies should “not negotiate different amounts of tanks, but launch a large shipment that will stop the evil.”


Western tanks will change “nothing” on the ground, Kremlin says

At a time when Westerners are considering sending heavy tanks to Ukraine, the Kremlin believes these tanks will change “nothing” on the ground. At the same time, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin is calling on the western allies gathered in Germany to increase their military aid to Ukraine at a crucial moment in the fight against Russian troops. “The Ukrainian people are watching us, the Kremlin is watching us and history is watching us,” he said.

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Air defense systems installed in Moscow and near Putin’s residence

The information is difficult to verify, but according to Ukrainian media, the Russians are in the process of installing air defense systems on buildings in Moscow and near Vladimir Putin’s residence.


Finland sends heavy artillery to Ukraine

Finland has announced 400 million euros in military aid to Ukraine, its biggest contribution yet, which includes artillery and ammunition but no Leopard heavy tanks. This is Finland’s 12th military assistance program to Ukraine. The previous 11 represent a total value of 190 million euros.


Heard explosions in Nikopol


The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) calls on Russia to return 50 stolen armored cars

“In the past 11 months, the Russian Federation has not only attacked Ukraine, but also the fundamental principles and values ​​of the OSCE. Since April 2022, Russia has unlawfully arrested three members of the OSCE SMM on dubious charges. Last weekend we received alarming new reports of the alleged transfer of more than 50 SMM armored vehicles from Russia to eastern Ukraine, where they could be used in support of a war of aggression against Ukraine. This is unacceptable,” the OSCE statement said.


Heard explosions in Kramatorsk


Wagner would have 50,000 fighters in Ukraine

According to the British Ministry of Defense, the Wagner Group would have around 50,000 fighters in Ukraine. This group of mercenaries has “become a key element of the Ukraine campaign”.


Forty-four countries have already joined food supply initiatives from Ukraine

Thanks to the UN-EU-backed grain program, “at least 5 million people in need of food aid are receiving food aid,” Presidential Office chief Andriy Yermak told the World Economic Forum in Davos.


Hungary is blocking a new aid tranche from the European Union

According to Polish radio RMF, Hungary has blocked around half a billion dollars in new aid to Ukraine for arms purchases from the European Peace Fund.


The Russian army could create conditions for an attack on Ukraine from Belarus

According to the American Institute of War, ISW, the Russian army could create conditions for an attack on Ukraine from Belarus, which so far remains a rear base for Moscow. However, according to the ISW, this hypothesis is currently not relevant, but could be possible by the end of 2023.


What role will the conflict in Ukraine play in the new military programming law presented by Emmanuel Macron?

Emmanuel Macron will unveil the main directions of the future military programming law 2024-2030, themed “transformation of armies” in the context of the return of war in Europe. This bill, due to be tabled in Parliament in March, promises to continue funding efforts for defence. “We are moving from a logic of repair to a logic of armies transformation,” specifies the Elysée. Emmanuel Macron should specify the efforts that will be devoted to the next seven years. The war in Ukraine is also likely to change certain priorities when purchasing certain equipment, such as drones or in the field of surface-to-air defense.


The US Department of Justice plans to transfer Russian oligarchs’ assets seized in Ukraine

The US Department of Justice plans to begin transferring seized assets from Russian oligarchs to Ukraine soon. According to Andrew Adams, director of the American Task Force KleptoCapture, he recalled that at the end of December Congress passed legislation authorizing this transfer. However, he stressed that these amounts are tiny compared to the cost of the catastrophe that Russia inflicted on the Ukrainian people.


The UN will release $4 million for demining in the country

This sum is used for the provision of equipment, but also for conducting training. In particular, the areas of the Mykolayiv region most affected by these explosive devices are to be “cleaned up”.


Zelenskyy welcomes the deployment of IAEA inspectors in Ukrainian nuclear power plants

During a meeting between President Zelenskyy and the Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency Rafael Grossi, who is visiting Kyiv, President Zelenskyy welcomed the arrival of IAEA inspectors at all of Ukraine’s nuclear facilities.


Unannounced visit of the CIA chief to Kyiv

CIA director William J. Burns paid a visit to Kyiv, according to the Washington Post. According to an American official quoted in the newspaper, he briefed President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on his predictions regarding Russia’s future military plans.


Zelenskyy expects “strong decisions”

“We are preparing for Ramstein tomorrow. We expect strong decisions. We expect strong military support from the United States,” said Volodymyr Zelenskyy in his video address on Thursday evening.


“Tanks have to be delivered,” emphasizes Charles Michel

During his visit to Kyiv on Thursday, the President of the European Council reiterated that the allies should come to Ukraine’s aid by supplying new tanks.

“We hear your message. They need more air defense systems and artillery, more ammunition,” he tweeted, saying westerners are “aware” that “the next few weeks could be crucial in the aftermath of the conflict.


The United States at the forefront of military aid

Washington will release $2.5 billion in new military aid, including 59 Bradley armored vehicles that will contribute to the May 6 attacks.

The US Army will also deliver 53 anti-mine armored vehicles (MRAP) and 350 M998 transport vehicles, the famous Humvee, to Ukraine. This new installment brings total US military aid to Ukraine to $26.7 billion since the Russian invasion began on February 24.

President Zelenskyy thanked the United States for this help.


Meeting of Ukrainian allies in Germany

The countries supporting Kyiv militarily are holding a meeting in Germany this Friday, from which Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said he expects “strong decisions” such as sending in heavy armored vehicles to help his country in the crucial fighting ahead to help Russia. . .

A few hours before this meeting at the American base in Ramstein, the United States, the United Kingdom, Sweden and Denmark announced large new arms shipments to Ukraine.


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