Direct Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria New tally of

Direct | Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria: New tally of victims and rescues

The Spanish Emergency Team’s hospital in Turkey will start operating in Iskenderun on Monday

START Hospital, the Spanish emergency response team stationed in Turkey to care for victims of this week’s devastating earthquakes, will begin operations next Monday in the coastal town of Iskenderun in southern Hatay province, which is hardest hit by earthquake is affected.

The emergency medical center was built with the participation of 82 START members, including 60 volunteer professionals from the Spanish health service, as well as firefighters and logisticians from the Municipality of Madrid and Summa 112.

The team arrived at the airport in the city of Adana at 05:30 Turkish local time on Friday, less than 72 hours after the Turkish government’s formal request for assistance, a day after a cargo plane arrived at the same airport. chartered from Madrid by the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID), containing the components of the START field hospital and all that is required for its commissioning.