Dira Paes talks about Marcos Palmeira and says how she

Dira Paes talks about Marcos Palmeira and says how she feels: "It’s hard”

Dira Paes surprised when she spoke about Marcos Palmeira, her partner in the Pantanal

This is not new to anyone wetland was a great success at Globo. After long months on the air, the story comes to an end this week, but the plot notes are already complete. By the way, Dira Paswho plays the character tribedecided to make a farewell textão.

The actress made it a point to pay tribute to Marcos Palmeiras, her romantic partner in the Pantanal. Dira Paes decided to talk about her partner in the scene during the closing ceremony of the recording, which brought almost the whole team together. The famous decided to give a sublime speech to the interpreter of Zé Leôncio.

“Guys, wait a minute,” the Globo actress began. “It’s not easy to be happy. Being happy is a choice, it’s a commitment, it’s an exchange, and here I think we’ve lived it all. So I really can’t thank you, I think I’m speaking on behalf of a lot of people at this moment and that’s Marquinhos Palmeira,” Dira Paes said.

In the publication’s comments, Marcos Palmeiras made it a point to show his admiration and respect for his partner on the scene. “So much affection! This team is great! No words for so much affection! And you @dirapaes, you are differentiated. I love you!” said the actor, who received several compliments.

Dira Paes gave a speech backstage at the Pantanal and spoke about Marcos Palmeira (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)Dira Paes gave a speech backstage at the Pantanal and spoke about Marcos Palmeira (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)


Actress Dira Paes, who plays Filó in Pantanal, took to her social media this Friday (30th) to post some photos showing the backstage of the soap opera.

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The artist has always expressed her delight at having had the opportunity to work on this plot, which is in its final stages and will enter its final week next Monday (03).

Dira Paes used the huge success of “Pantanal” to pay tribute to everyone involved in building the show, the people who aren’t in front of the cameras.

“Pantanal is made by many people! Lots of talent. Every scene that appears on your TV has a battalion of professionals dedicated to making every second magical and transformative,” the actress commented.

She then took the opportunity to thank the professionals who worked on this work: “I am deeply grateful to work with these attentive eyes.”

In a special way, she thanked the directors Cris Marques and David Lacerda for giving her the opportunity to play Filó in the telenovela.

“Thank you Cris Marques and David Lacerda, such insightful directors representing many others who are passionate about the profession of bringing the magic of entertainment and reflection to the public. Being guided by you to make Filó a reality was a privilege.”

Finally, it turned out that the pictures are only a small part of the total production that has been created over the months of recording.

“These images are just the tip of the iceberg of everyone I want to thank. It’s not long until the end, but there’s still a lot to do. Long hand,” concluded Dira Paes.

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