Dinner with friends the bill in the restaurant is outstanding

Dinner with friends, the bill in the restaurant is outstanding and the argument breaks out. «I only ate a salad, I do not pay

At dinner with friends, do you split the bill evenly regardless of what is consumed, or does everyone only pay for what they ate? Two different philosophies that often lead to arguments, even violent ones. In a video with 16 million views, Tiktoker Victor Christian told of his personal experiences that led him to “quarrel with historical friends”.


The history of the tiktoker

Victor’s video is from July 17th. The Tiktoker filmed friends arguing violently about the account. “I only pay for what he consumed, I don’t split the bill,” said one of the protagonists of the video.

A complaint that Victor himself added, who agreed with his friend. The total bill of $4,600 warmed the mood. A very high number that would have cost $500 each. So one of the guests rebelled: “I only had a salad, I won’t give you $500,” he shouted. The Tiktoker said the bill was so high because some of those in attendance overdid it with their drinks. But those who didn’t partake in the drink had no intention of paying.

user discussion

Many were split in the comments: between those who agreed with the girl not wanting to pay and those who blamed her instead because they should have come to an agreement sooner. Instead, some users pointed out that the video “appeared so exaggerated that it seemed fake.” In the insider interview, the Tiktoker (who has 2 million followers) admitted the scene was overdone “perhaps due to the cameras being aimed,” but the discussion was real.