1662329474 Diletta Leotta fiery dribbles he opens his jersey and all

Diletta Leotta irrepressible, the tank top makes you dream: “The microphone was a headset until recently…” PHOTO

Diletta Leotta irrepressible, the tank top makes you dream: “Until recently, the microphone was a headset…” – PHOTOS. The journalist also enchants the masses with little …


Diletta Leotta She is the most desirable woman in Italy. The sports journalist is currently by far the leading sex symbol, not only in Italy but also abroad. Its social content is incredible and draws in the masses in an incredible and unrelenting way, depopulating male audiences and therefore the “critics”. The beautiful sports journalist from DAZN is now often present on the big screen and beyond: between radio and web, she unites everyone with her extraordinary ability to attract attention, let alone if we were to see her live …

Diletta enchants everyone with her beauty and incredible shapes, giving us heavenly visions with her videos and photos that are pure magic for all who admire her. The Catanese is absolutely crowded and crowded and we can see her every day with her truly incredible contents …

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Diletta Leotta irrepressible, the tank top makes you dream – PHOTO

Diletta LeottaDiletta Leotta (Facebook Screen)

Also this time he gave us a beautiful vision that immediately attracted the colorful comments of the fans: this time they are not on page A and B, but that bright smile that makes you fall in love, the best dress that she wears every day wears, and that we never tire of seeing. Each time it arouses incredible emotions and some users have pointed this out with a really funny phrase that mentions the microphone, a very clear allusion that for years has often been compared to the journalist.

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Diletta continues to make people dream and the crazy numbers on social media are incredible: 1.7 million on Facebook and 8.6 million on Instagram!