Different than fairytale shocking statements

“Different than fairytale”, shocking statements

Emanuele Filiberto’s wife has decided to speak on a personal matter. Her statements left everyone speechless: the woman spoke openly about her relationship with her husband and the situation of her marriage.

Emmanuel Filiberto

Clotilde Courau, French actress and wife of Emanuele Filiberto, has reached the breaking point. Because of this, she has decided to share her thoughts on her husband and marriage in hopes of silencing some persistent rumors that have been trying to belittle her.

Clotilde Courau is a well-known actress in the entertainment world. She has been married to Emanuele Filiberto since 2003: The two got married in Rome and have been together for almost 20 years. The couple have two daughters: Vittoria, born in 2003, and Luisa, born in 2006.

The actress was born in 1969 and spent her childhood between Egypt and the Republic of Benin. Although he has started his studies he left her at 16 to pursue his greatest passion: acting. His debut dates back to 1989 when he debuted with Francis Huster’s company.

Emmanuel Filiberto

Later, in 1990, The actress also made it to the big screen with Le petit Criminel. Her performance made her one of the most famous actresses of her time and launched a career of great success. There are many directors and actors who recognize his acting skills.

Emanuele Filiberto: Clotilde is in charge

Clotilde Courau certainly does not let her speak and responds in rhyme to those who bother her. The actress replied to some phrases addressed to her to write his opinion on his marriage to Emanuele Filiberto.

“I don’t want to be reduced to the wife of…” he said during an interview. In fact, many don’t know her for her acting career, just for her marriage to the member of the House of Savoy. Her journey into the world of cinema has been filled with weariness and satisfaction, and the woman doesn’t want her career to remain in the dark.

Emmanuel Filiberto

She then added that she and her husband loved each other very much, as she had said back in 2013 after an alleged betrayal of him, which was later denied. “I love Emanuele Filiberto very much, but life is not a fairy tale” she said as she explained that she and her husband live separately.

The actress, in fact, lives in Paris during the Savoywho is employed in different parts of Italy has no permanent job and returns to it when he has no commitments. The couple have found balance in the distance and live peacefully.