Different  skinned twins, Ayon and Azirah’s mother: “They always ask me if they are both my children”

Different skinned twins, Ayon and Azirah’s mother: “They always ask me if they are both my children”

Twins but with that skin of opposite color. It is the story of the two small children of Chantelle Broughton, 29, born last April. Children of a mixed race couple. Ayon and Azira – who were born in Nottingham City Hospital – have completely different characteristics. Ayon, the little boyShe was born with fair skin and green eyes. Little sister Azirah has dark skin and brown eyes. According to a 2011 BBC article, there is a one in 500 chance that a multiracial couple will have twins with opposite skin colors.


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The Story of Ayon and Azirah

“They always ask me if they are both my children,” she tells British tabloids. But despite the astonishment of many people, the phenomenon is actually not that unusual. Recalling the moment the newborns were delivered to her after birth, Chantelle said, “It was a shock, they are one of a kind.” And then he adds, “People stop and say, ‘Oh my God, they just see completely different. But are you sure they’re both yours?’” Chantelle has a Nigerian maternal grandfather. Her children’s father – Ashton, 29 – is half Jamaican and half Scottish.


The twins are now five months old. According to the pediatricians who follow them, the difference in complexion between the two is becoming increasingly apparent. “I think her hair will also be different – says a nurse – the little girl will have thick and curly hair, the baby will be very different.” The operator said Dad Ashton, a construction worker, jokes and asks them if they couldn’t be “the plumber’s kids” by any chance. In his opinion, his twins, joking aside, already show well-developed and different personalities: “She’s rather relaxed while he’s a bit naughty – he said – He doesn’t like to sit there while she always lies calm and still.”