Did they cancel your show? "the bubble" clarifies his future on TV

Did they cancel your show? "the bubble" clarifies his future on TV

Amid rumors of her show’s cancellation and possible departure from television, presenter Angelique Burgos, known as “La Burbu,” broke the silence and opened up about her future.

Burgos denied the information this morning about the radio show he participates in alongside Roque Gallart, known as Rocky The Kid, ‘El Despelote’, which airs on La Nueva 94.

“Burbu Nite is a heart’s desire that I’ve wanted to do for a long time. As you know, a while ago Wapa gave me the opportunity to do some specials that happened about 2 or 3 times a year… I decided to leave Wapa and they gave me the opportunity for this space,” he said.

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Meanwhile, the businesswoman also explained that they are currently on the first season of the program, which will end next February 20th.

“You know the ‘seasons’ are very fashionable. Since signing my contract, I’ve signed two “relays” for last year and this year. We started on September 19th and the contract included 20 programs. I end this first “season” on February 20th. This is the last program of this first “season” and then we will start this second “season” of Burbu Nite,” he added.

Meanwhile, he noted that there is no date set for season 2 just yet as he will be in meetings today to finalize the details on the matter with Wapa TV executives.

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“We see what works, what people like, what they like least… It’s not canceled,” he insisted.

Meanwhile, he declared: “I’ll be there until God says. God gave it to me, God took it from me. We continue to grow…”.

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