Did Shakira make fun of J Lo?  the pre  Super Bowl LIV interview that reveals it all    Mundo Deportivo USA

Did Shakira make fun of J Lo? the pre Super Bowl LIV interview that reveals it all Mundo Deportivo USA

The singers Shakira and Jennifer Lopez played in the Super Bowl LIVthe only Latino half-time show in NFL history.

Although the Colombian and the Puerto Rican did Hard Rock Stadium from Miami, Florida during halftime of the game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs, all was not well between the singers.

before Super Bowl LIV in miami, Shakira and Jennifer López were interviewed where they spoke about their experiences in American football.

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Also an actress and designer, she started speaking Spanish to remind herself that her parents loved the games when she was a child New York Jets; López was complicated by speaking another language, which the Colombian would have scoffed at.

“When they heard that…the first phone call was to my mom and dad because they’re super fans of the Jets, the New York Jets,” López explained, trying to get his thoughts into Spanish.

“Every Sunday we’ve been there since we were little, I remembered it like that, like that, for her, that’s that super bowl“, he added.

While Jennifer Lopez As he shared his American football anecdotes, Shakira looked away from the cameras and grimaced a few times.

“That when my daughter is there, I’m representing women, Latinas, representing our community, our energy there, I think the show that we’re going to put on is something that Shakira, very beautiful, and I am too.” JLo very powerful,” continued López, while the interpreter of Ojos Así kept laughing.

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The show was quite a challenge

in the same interview Shakira assured that the organization of the show at halftime of super bowl It was quite a challenge for both singers.

“We have very little time to express what we want. Also one music reportAfter many years, we had to condense and summarize it,” explained the Barranquillera

“I think it will be a journey through my report and that of jennifer‘ he condemned.