Did Paolo Bonolis and Enrico Brignano have a fight? "They don’t speak to each other"

Did Paolo Bonolis and Enrico Brignano have a fight? "They don’t speak to each other"

Did Paolo Bonolis and Enrico Brignano have a fight?

The friendship between Paolo Bonolis and Enrico Brignano would officially end. The conductor and his wife Sonia Bruganelli were unsurprisingly absent from the Roman comedian’s wedding to his historical partner Flora Canto.

Paolo Bonolis and Enrico Brignano do not talk to each other? E ‘just a few days ago the news of end of friendship between their respective wives, Sonia Bruganelli and Flora Canto. Now the gossip shows that even thecomic actor and the popular conductor would be in dispute.

To the marriage of the Roman actor with his floracelebrated Rome last July 30th the absence of Bonolis and his wife did not go unnoticed. In the days immediately following Sonja Bruganelli confirmed to no more traffic with spouses Brignano. She didn’t go into detail, she only added that in life, i Relationships You can also Finished. Not long before that, however, the columnist the GF VIP it had been criticized by the Canto for boasting of its privileges. On this occasion, the ex Tronista of men and women had remembered thatEx boyfriend that it’s easy to live a good life when you are married with one of the leading moderators of Italian television.

Paolo Bonolis and Enrico Brignano in a dispute, what happened?

What is the reason for that maretta between two Romans? This was reported by the weekly newspaper Di Più Tv Testify from a source who has chosen to remain anonymous.

At the wedding, there was a lot of talk about Bonolis’ absence. Sonia and Flora were once very close friends, also because of the relationship between her companions: something happened. The reason for the disagreement is not entirely clear. The fact is that now they no longer speak and Enrico and Paolo don’t even speak to each other.

It seems that the reasons for that Dispute between Enrico Brignano and Paolo Bonolis backdate funeral of the great Gigi Proietti, which took place two years ago a Rome. Corresponding rumoursIn the middle of the event, the host of Avanti un Altro would do one to kid little happy in relation to the showmanPupil of the late artist, and would be immediately moved away. after the funeral Flora sings tries to minimize what happened Socialthat between his soothing family and that of Bonolis there was no friction.

However, time does not seem to have proved her right. It will be one final breakor two o’clock couples You will be able to clean up and repair Friendship?