Did Don Ramón predict his death?  This is the last scene recorded by the beloved actor of “El Chavo del 8”: VIDEO

Did Don Ramón predict his death? This is the last scene recorded by the beloved actor of “El Chavo del 8”: VIDEO

Last Tuesday, August 9th, was the 34th anniversary of the unfortunate death of Ramón Valdés, who He died after an intense battle with stomach cancer. and this time we’re going to talk about the last scene he recorded supposedly foretold his death, Below we tell you everything we know about it.

After working alongside Roberto Gómez Bolaño’s “Chespirito” for more than a decade in the late 1970s Ramon Valdes He decided to continue his solo career, so he started his own circus and appeared in various films and shows, which allowed him to keep his fame. although he has always been associated with his emblematic character “Don Ramón”.

“Don Ramón” and “Quico” were the most popular characters of “El Chavo del 8”. Photo: Special

During this time, The beloved “Monchito” was diagnosed with stomach cancera disease that arose due to his intense tobacco addiction, it is worth noting that in relation to this actor’s bad habit it is said that he was the only personality allowed to smoke in Televisa’s facilities, so he spent practically all his time with a cigarette in his hand.

Despite the sad diagnosis “Don Ramón” never thought about retirement and to continue his professional activity he underwent a Surgery that reduced his stomach to a third with the intention of removing the affected area and although this was not enough to stop the disease that had already metastasized to his spinal cord, This operation allowed him to add a few years to his life who have undergone palliative care.

“Don Ramón predicted his death?

Although everything is against it Ramón Valdés never stopped working and in 1987 Carlos Villagrán invited him to take part in Ah que Kiko!the program in which both would be the main stars impersonating their iconic characters from “El Chavo del 8” with some modifications to avoid them clashing with “Chespirito” due to copyright issues.

This program, broadcast by the Imevisión network, now TV Azteca, only lasted a year and that was because The program didn’t work without “Don Ramón,” who left the production in early 1988 after 11 episodes of the series due to worsening health problems.

Despite being diagnosed with cancer, Ramón Valdés never considered retirement. Photo: special

in the the last chapter of the series in which Ramón Valdés took partthe plot revolved around the show’s characters having to prove their courage by visiting a graveyard at night, and in order not to drag out the story, The last scene that “Don Ramón” recorded was entering the Pantheon, walking quietly only to get lost in the fog.

This scene was shared on the official networks of Carlo Villagranwho pointed this out as additional data on that occasion Ramón Valdés was already feeling very bad, so he went to a traveling dressing room to rest so his scene was the last recorded from that chapter, unaware that it would also be the last appearance of “Monchito” on television, giving rise to the version The actor is said to have predicted his death.

After being forcibly retired from television, “Don Ramón’s” health deteriorated rapidly and in late June 1988 he was admitted to a hospital in Mexico City He had to be sedated to avoid pain, but not much could be done for him and he lost his life on August 9, 1988 left a huge void in the entertainment industry in Mexico, where she was one of the most popular and respected celebrities for her charisma, talent and simplicity.


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