Did Bonduelle deliver Christmas packages to Russian soldiers The group

Did Bonduelle deliver Christmas packages to Russian soldiers? The group denies

The Bonduelle group, which is still present in Russia, has denied sending canned vegetables to Russian soldiers.

Were canned Bonduelle vegetables delivered to Russian soldiers? The French company’s Russian subsidiary, which still has a presence in the country despite the war in Ukraine, has been accused of sending Christmas packages to soldiers. Photos circulating on social media show Bonduelle brand cans accompanied by a message that reads “Dear Soldier, Happy New Year! We wish you the best and a quick victoryā€¯.

“This information is wrong”

In the face of calls to boycott the brand’s products, the company refused to send packages to Russian soldiers, citing “misleading information” about its activities in Russia. “This information, as well as the statements attributed to the Bonduelle company and its management, are completely false,” the group said in a succinct statement posted to its Twitter account on Saturday. The company also confirms that it will continue its operations in Russia.

Three factories in Russia

The Bonduelle group has decided not to leave Russia despite the Russian army’s invasion of Ukraine. The French company has three factories in the country. “We decided to stay because food, like pharmaceuticals or agriculture, are important sectors” and “we also supply all the countries of Central Asia” with Russian factories, explained Guillaume Debrosse, general manager of the Bonduelle group, on BFM Business last November.

Jeremy Bruno Journalist BFMTV