Did Ángela Aguilar remove two ribs?

Did Ángela Aguilar remove two ribs?

That is known Angela Aguilar She is a young woman with a lot of singing talent, because she has music culture in her blood. his father Pepe Aguilarher uncle and grandparents taught her everything about regional Mexico that she knew to learn and apply with great passion as a girl.

Currently, aged 18, angela is one of the main references of the genre in Mexico and deserves the affection of millions of listeners. But it is not only her artistic vocation that distinguishes the interpreter of “Wherever I See Me”, because she also has a beautiful face like no other and a clearly defined silhouette that arouses attention and curiosity in those who want to know the formula, to look this good.

More than once the young singer was the target of questions about her nature waist by WASP. Some wonder what training method he follows and what diet he follows to achieve such incredible physical results. In this sense, the youngest of the dynasty Aguilar He has affirmed that he engages in a variety of sports to achieve his physical and mental wellbeing, such as yoga, horseback riding, and specific routines for the glutes.

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Ángela Aguilar shows off her slim waist with skinny jeans and a light-colored top. PHOTO: Instagram @angela_aguilar_

Also, a while ago, some netizens wondered if that’s it angela had, or hadn’t, removed a few ribs look so tiny waist, creating a true urban myth of the show. About it, Pepe’s daughter Aguilar He recently gave a shocking revelation in a video that drove his fans mad.

“I took off the ribs”

As part of the show “Jaripeo without borders” performed by Pepe, Leonardo and others Angela Aguilar, fashion and beauty expert Jomari Goyso was one of the special guests, sharing a dressing room with the famous cast. The Spaniard shared what he experienced in the run-up to one of the events where he films the musicians Angela Aguilar in the center of the scene. When Jomari saw her, she exclaimed, “It scares me. waist‘ laughed the young woman, who replied, ‘I took mine off ribs“. They immediately started laughing and angela He clarified that it was a joke.

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Then the artist shared a story on her official Instagram profile, in which she sarcastically says, “Just to be clear, I didn’t undress two ribs, I took off four. Please do your research before posting.” That was how it became clear angela he was just kidding and that’s his waist Wasp is the result of exercise and healthy eating.