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‘Dibu’ Martínez was crushed by his DT: "I never told him to go upstairs to score in the 92 minute"

Dibu Martinez was crushed by his DT quotI never told

Aston Villa manager Unai Emery publicly disapproved of the Argentinian goalkeeper’s action in costing his team a counterattack in the final leg of the game against Arsenal.

Argentinian goalkeeper Emiliano Matínez was the protagonist of his team’s Aston Vila defeat by Arsenal on matchday 24 of the Premier League. He ‘To return’ He was unfortunate enough to score an own goal to make it 3-2 against his club, but was also indirectly responsible for the final 4-2, conceding his goal at the last minute to head in from a corner kick. The move ended in a deadly counterattack that didn’t go down well Unai EmeryVillain Trainers.

After the game, the Spanish coach criticized the attitude of his coaches to let the 2-1 advantage bring them back. Regarding the world champion goalkeeper in Qatar 2022, he didn’t hesitate to question his decision to go in search of a painful goal.

“I’ve never told my goalkeeper to get up in the 92nd minute to score. One out of 100 games like this ends in a goal (but) they’re more likely to do it against you. That you have to be smart, we can lose, but not like this,” the strategist said at a press conference.

Arsenal, who regained the lead in the Premier League, won a win in the hour thanks to Dibu’s own goal after 90+3 minutes (when the ball bounced off his head after hitting the post as the first product of a shot Jorginho) and consciously Gabriel Martinelliat 90 + 8 minutes (not at 90 + 2 minutes as Emery said), who received only one pass into the middle of the opponent’s field and advanced to Aston Villa’s empty goal.

Emery had already criticized the ‘Dibu’

This isn’t the first time the Argentine has been publicly questioned by his manager. In December 2022, shortly after the Albiceleste’s World Cup consecration, Emery referred to the player’s excesses as he celebrated his side’s title.

“When you have big emotions, they are difficult to control. I’ll speak to him about some celebrations. I respect that he is with his team. If he’s with us under our responsibility, we can talk to him,” the coach said at the time.