Díaz  Canel remains the worst  rated president in Latin America

Díaz Canel remains the worst rated president in Latin America

The Cuban Ruler Miguel Diaz-Canel repeatedly rated the worst in Latin America, according to DatoWorld.

Díaz-Canel came last in the approval rating of the region’s presidents, with just 14 percent.

The Cuban President’s unpopularity even surpasses that of Venezuela’s Nicolás Maduro, who shared penultimate place with Peru’s Dina Boluarte and Chile’s Gabriel Boric, each with 25 percent.

DatoWorld is a company responsible for the world election observatory and regularly compiles a ranking of the approval of Latin American presidents.

In third place are Alberto Fernández from Argentina and Alejandro Giammattei from Guatemala (26 percent), in fourth place Daniel Ortega from Nicaragua and Guillermo Lasso from Ecuador (30 percent).

Nayib Bukele, President of El Salvador, rose to first place with 88 percent approval.

On October 17th Díaz-Canel came last with an approval rating of 9 percentone of the lowest readings in the DatoWorld survey in months.

On this occasion he was preceded by Laurentino Cortizo, President of the Republic of Panama.

In July 2022, the Cuban did not appear on the list. But after the trials of political prisoners over the 9/11 protests, rising inflation, persistent food and medicine shortages, and long power outages, their acceptance plummeted.

Back in August, his name emerged with the lowest approval rating of any Latin American president. At the time he had 12 percent in his favour.

Was in the same month second most disapproved president of Latin Americaaccording to a survey by Ipsos, a multinational market research and consulting company based in Paris.