Díaz  Canel confirms attendance at Argentina summit despite lawsuit filed against him

Díaz Canel confirms attendance at Argentina summit despite lawsuit filed against him

The Cuban Ruler Miguel Diaz-Canel confirmed its participation in the Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) in Argentina next week despite a lawsuit against him in that country, according to the South American country’s foreign ministry.

Díaz-Canel is the first of the leaders of the so-called Bolivarian axis to confirm his presence at the meeting that will begin on January 24 at the Sheraton de Retiro hotel in Buenos Aires, the Argentine newspaper La Nación reported last Tuesday.

The presence of the Cuban President is confirmed amid the lawsuit against him in the Buenos Aires court of the Argentine Forum for Democracy in the Region (FADER). for crimes against humanity in Cuba.

FADER consists of opposition political leaders from Argentina and Venezuela, activists, intellectuals and journalists. They not only denounced the Cuban President, but also demanded that they be investigated for crimes against humanity Nicholas MaduroPresident of Venezuela, and Daniel Ortegaruler of Nicaragua.

The Secretary of Public Affairs of the City of Buenos Aires, Forest Wolffasked the Argentine President Alberto Fernandez to withdraw the invitation to the leaders of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua to attend the summit. He asked him not to support dictators.

The scope of FADER’s grievance and his ability to prevent these Presidents from arriving is unknown. According to the Clarín newspaper, Maduro and Díaz-Canel have already announced that they will meet with Fernández Luis Inacio Lula da Silva during the festivities of this summit in Buenos Aires.

Alleged fears of the Cuban ambassador to Argentina, Pedro Pablo Prada Quintero, were also reported last weekend Safety of the aircraft that will transport Díaz Canel to Buenos Aires.

The Argentine press said that the Cuban government is concerned about whether the authorities will keep the CONVIASA plane that will take them to that country, following a possible request from the United States judiciary, as happened last June with a Boeing subsidiary same happened Venezuelan company.