Devastated testifies neighbor of family decimated by Rosemont slaughter

Devastated, testifies neighbor of family decimated by Rosemont slaughter

The triple homicide in Montreal’s Rosemont neighborhood shook the neighborhood. Moved and saddened, a family neighbor confided in our journalist this terrible tragedy.

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Dismay lingers in the neighborhood where the murders of Mylène Gingras, Francine Gingras-Boucher and Richard Galarneau took place.

Filomena lives in the back of the family semi-detached house. She spoke regularly to Arthur Galarneau’s mother and grandmother, who were accused of three second-degree murders.

In the early afternoon, the shaken citizen came to meditate in front of the scene of the slaughter.

In her testimony, Filomena claims that Arthur Galarneau was a relatively discreet young adult. He often stayed alone in the basement of the building.

“I never thought something like this could happen. In the summer we always chat afterwards. She [la mère] told me about his family. [Arthur] I didn’t see him very often,” she says.

“I saw him in front of a cup with his friends, they were eating and drinking.”

When asked about Arthur’s mental health issues, Filomena claims he “had issues, but no more than that.”

“He took medication, I was never told he was violent […] He didn’t go out all the time […] he hasn’t spoken to me,” while mentioning that they occasionally greeted each other, that’s all.

A decimated family

How could Arthur Galarneau shoot members of his family overnight? Horrified, Filomena asks the question.

“What happened yesterday morning? I don’t know, yesterday I had such a headache thinking about what happened, it doesn’t make any sense,” she recalls.

Powerless in the face of the horror of the tragedy, the Montreal native left a wreath of flowers in front of the duplex.