Dermatologist names 7 common habits that age skin quickly

Dermatologist names 7 common habits that age skin quickly

Marina Ferreira,

Claudia Meireles

09/21/2023 5:21 p.m., updated 09/21/2023 5:21 p.m

After Harvard Universitytrained gastroenterologist Saurabh Sethi in the US revealed the five foods that age skin the most in a video on TikTok, dermatologist Dev Patel listed seven daily habits that damage skin’s radiance. The expert compiled a list of dangerous habits in an interview with The Sun.

While Claudia Meireles’ column looks at tips that work as antiaging boosters, take a look at the habits that tend to leave wrinkles, blemishes and expression lines on the skin, according to Patel.

Doctor Dev Patel works as a dermatologist

1. Hot showers

Bathing in “naked” water seems to relax the body after a strenuous day. Although she feels calm after the practice, it is the skin that is not satisfied, as the dermatologist explains: “Think about how much time you spend in the shower and your fingers get wrinkled.”

After a hot bath, the skin feels rather dry and it is necessary to apply a moisturizer to relieve the dryness, emphasized the doctor who specializes in aesthetics. “Hot water causes inflammation on the surface of the skin and leads to moisture loss,” he said.

Hot baths contribute to skin aging

“These are all signs that the skin has been dehydrated by hot water, which can cause fine lines and wrinkles to become more prominent,” he added. The expert suggested bathing in warm water so as not to disturb the protective layer in the area.

2. Rub your eyes

If you want to avoid wrinkles, Patel prohibits rubbing the eye area, although he makes it clear that the habit is automatic. “If we put too much pressure and tension on our eyes, the skin becomes brittle over time,” the doctor said. He advocated applying specific serums to the affected area to alleviate the signs of aging.

“Continuous rubbing of the eyes can also damage the skin barrier,” explains the dermatologist. Dev Patel added that scratching or pulling causes the skin to stretch “prematurely” and “increases collagen breakdown.”

Scratching your eyes is one of the habits that promote collagen breakdown

3. Excessive cleaning

According to the aesthetic specialist, cleansing the skin more than twice a day tends to damage the protective barrier and accelerate dryness in the area. The result of this habit is the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and premature aging of the skin.

“To strengthen the skin barrier while cleansing, use a botanical formula with ceramides to nourish the area. “Also, make sure your cleanser doesn’t contain harsh formulas, as these can cause more inflammation and dryness,” said Patel.

Excessive cleansing of the skin attacks the region’s protective layers.

4. Forget your sunglasses

“Sunglasses are not just a fashion statement! “They play a crucial role in protecting the eyes from harmful ultraviolet radiation,” emphasizes the dermatologist. The lack of shading causes the eyes to “squint” in strong light. Repetition of the gesture leads to the formation of crow’s feet in the area.

Over time, frowning leads to “wrinkles, age spots and a loss of skin elasticity,” the doctor assured. “On sunny days, wear sunglasses, broadspectrum sunscreen with SPF 15+ and a widebrimmed hat to protect your entire body,” advises Patel.

The doctor recommended wearing sunglasses to prevent signs of aging

5. Look at your phone

Looking at a cell phone screen for a long time contributes to the formation of neck wrinkles. “In addition to tension and injury to the muscles and tissue structures of the cervical spine, the constant flexion of the neck causes the skin to repeatedly fold and fold,” explains the expert.

According to the dermatologist, excessive work with the head lowered and the neck tilted forward can lead to a phenomenon called “technological neck”. “With repetition, these wrinkles become more pronounced and develop into permanent wrinkles,” mused Dev Patel.

Looking at your phone for a long time creates wrinkles on your neck

6. Sleep on your side

If you belong to the group that sleeps on your side or stomach, the dermatologist comes with bad news. From the expert’s point of view, the habit harms the skin by pressing the face against the pillow. “It tends to pull the face down and contribute to sagging skin,” he said.

“Since we spend a third of our lives sleeping, these wrinkles can increase in the skin over time and cause vertical wrinkles,” explains the aesthetics expert. Patel recommended lying on your back and purchasing silk or satin pillowcases, with the goal of reducing friction between the fabric and your skin.

Patel advised purchasing satin or silk pillowcases

7. Drink through straws

Drinking through a straw causes permanent wrinkles. “Daily and repeated chinning of the lips can cause the wrinkles around the mouth to become more pronounced whether from laughter or marionette lines,” he mused. As we age, collagen levels decrease and “the deep vertical furrows around the mouth” become clearly visible.

Using straws can cause wrinkles around the mouth.

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