Derbez to President of Televisa Why arent you a normal

Derbez to President of Televisa: Why aren’t you a normal manager?

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO.- Actors and comedians Eugenio Derbez previously responded to retaliatory measures against him Emilio Azcarraga jeanPresident of Televisa whom he asked to show him that there is no veto against him.

The also creator of “Neighbors” clarified that he owns the characters and concept of La Familia P. Luche.

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The controversy arose on Twitter when Azcárraga assured Jean that there was no such veto, but the comedian’s anger at wanting to get the rights to the show.

“If I’m not banned, ask Televisa Espectáculos to show with their notes that they came to cover the premiere of my film ‘The Valet’. don’t hear me Better Paty Chapoy welcomed me to her show!” Derbez complained in a thread on his social network.

“Oh, and the rights of The plush family Tell them not to be like that, have someone explain that point to you too. I know it’s going to sound “awful, awful” but I own the characters and the concept, Televisa only owns the name. Sorry friend!” he added.

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Eugenio admits that Azcárraga Jean did not veto him, but asks him to ask the company what is happening.

“For what reason did they cancel two interviews after March 30th and there is not a single note on Televisa where they are talking about me or them Oscar or my new movie?” the actor points out, after pointing out that this happened after taking part in a video against the Construction of stage 5 of the controversial Mayan train.

The director of “Refunds are not accepted” immediately clarified that both now belong to the same company, having recently signed with VIX, the platform created between Televisa and Univisión.

“I love you very much, I hope to see you soon and talk to you about how things are!” Derbez’s message ended.