Depression ExBBB lives rejection after reality participation

Depression: ExBBB lives rejection after reality participation

Former BBB Ana Paula Costa, known as Bruxinha, took part in the 18th edition of Globo’s Big Brother Brasil

One of the participants of BBB18, which resonated most as he went through the program, was without a doubt the one Ana Paula Costabetter known as “little witch”.

ExBBB Ana Paula Costa, who is currently out of the spotlight, is still grappling with the trauma of being rejected during her time on the Marinho channel reality show.

Ana Paula, now 27, confessed that not only was she abused outside of prison, but she tried to take her own life and was never able to find a job again.

The former BBB gave an interview to the TV news portal that sourced the information and during her speeches admitted that she has not recovered from the attacks by the attraction’s fans. Notably, she left the game with 89.85% of the vote.

“Today I’m better, one day at a time. Whenever I can, I talk about how much a reality show can forever impact your life. There are people who really get along, not all of them. I’m not the only one whose life has been destroyed and not accepted by the public. Nobody likes to be rejected. And going through that is very traumatizing,” the former BBB told TV News.

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ExBBB Ana Paula Santos, known as Bruxinha, took part in the 18th edition of Big Brother Brasil by Globo  ReproductionFormer BBB Ana Paula Santos, known as Bruxinha, took part in the 18th edition of Big Brother Brasil, by Globo Reproduction


When asked if they had any regrets about participating in the Globo program, more answered yes, but the reason was that she wasn’t able to show a different side of her personality.

“Every day [me arrependo]. My biggest wish is to have a time machine, but not not to enter, but to fix my mistakes. I missed the chance of a lifetime. I was very young, very immature. I had never seen the show so I went in completely unprepared. I wanted to come in with everything I know today. It really was the best opportunity of my life, but I didn’t know how to use it the way I wanted to,” he said.

suicide attempt and unemployment

The former BBB also said that at the same time she was leaving the program she was going through depression and as a result attempted suicide. The former participant also explains that she sought help but did not have the strength to continue fighting the rejection she suffered.

“I took the first medication but it didn’t work and it got worse. That’s when I tried to commit suicide, I just thought I wanted to end this agony. I thought that if you died, everything would pass. After that I decided to look for a second doctor. I changed my medication and responded better. Therefore it is very important not to give up at the first difficulty, he admitted.

When it came to unemployment, Ana Paula Costa admitted that she was mostly ignored by companies. The young woman explains that after going through Big Brother Brazil, she didn’t get a chance on the job market.

“I tried to work on my networks but I ran out of options. I searched many agencies but they refused me or wanted to charge a very high amount for me precisely because they had great difficulty in getting everything back.

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