Departure by Lisa LaFlamme |  An “independent evaluation” was requested by Bell

Departure by Lisa LaFlamme | An “independent evaluation” was requested by Bell

Bell Media will conduct an “independent assessment” of the climate on its editorial board following the firing of CTV National News host Lisa LaFlamme two years before her contract expires. A dismissal that raised questions about ageism and sexism within management in particular.

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Alexandre Vigneault

Alexandre Vigneault The press

“It is always difficult to make the decision to replace the antenna head. We knew that many viewers and members of the CTV family would be disappointed by the departure of Lisa LaFlamme as presenter and editor-in-chief,” Bell Media wrote in a statement released Friday.

CTV adds its regret “that the manner in which news of her departure was communicated may have given viewers the wrong impression of CTV’s appreciation for Lisa and her remarkable career.”

Without directly addressing the criticism of the past few days, Bell Media takes any form of discrimination seriously and announces that “in accordance with its policy” an “independent evaluation” will be carried out in the coming weeks to assess the working atmosphere in the CTV Newsroom .

The departure of Lisa LaFlamme, announced earlier this week, has drawn a lot of ink in recent days. As well as questions about her gray hair, there have been disagreements over the news show she has been running for a decade.