Deolane Bezerra disagrees with interference in Bruna Griphao and Gabriel

Deolane Bezerra disagrees with interference in Bruna Griphao and Gabriel Fop’s relationship at the BBB…

BBB 23

Deolane Bezerra stated that BBB 23 should continue without participants receiving any outside information

By Vitor Tobias

01/27/2023 21:39 BRT

01/27/2023 21:39 BRT

Deolane Bezerra commented on the controversy on BBB 23© Reproduction/Instagram/@dra.deolanebezerraDeolane Bezerra commented on the controversy on BBB 23

Deolane Bezerra had a controversial passage through The farm 14 and the blonde revealed on Friday night (27) that she is following the BBB 23’s unfolding closely. Commenting on the latest cases of global reality, the lawyer drew attention to her opinion on the controversies Gabriel Fop and Bruna Griphao.

Honestly, Deolane has stated that he doesn’t agree with the contestants receiving external information and the game being played naturally. It’s worth remembering that last week Thaddeus Schmidt had to scold Gabriel and warn Bruna of the dangers of an abusive relationship as the production assumed both could be involved in a toxic relationship.

“It’s a very strong subject. […] But the people who were close to her and him saw what was happening. I think the game should go on. Also because for me it is information from outside,” said the lawyertelevision fame“, program on Rede TV!.

Deolane was asked if the events of The farm 14 it would be different if farmers received the same kind of information. “Galisteu liked fire in the hay. Wasn’t she the one speaking? I think that reality has to continue as it happens there,” the influencer concluded.

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