Denis Bernard receives a great wave of love after his

Denis Bernard receives a great wave of love after his performance at La vrai nature – 7 Jours

A few days after the release of true natureThe passage of Denis Bernard continues to react on social networks.

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It will be remembered that the actor was among the casual guests of the weekly show Caroline Neron (which has returned to the depression after its bankruptcy) and Mathieu Dufourand that he made a particularly large and touching trust there when he publicly spoke about his cancer for the first time.

It’s after dinner when the trio is accompanied by Jean Philippe DionWatching snippets of his career on the show’s big screen, the 65-year-old made the statement that surprised those companions of the evening but also the audience at home.

Questioned by the moderator that we can see on the show The perfect moments also addressed his relationship to the image, admitting that at the time he was first offered roles as a young man, on the contrary, he was not at all good-looking. Only now, many years later, does his view of himself change.

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This great vulnerability, both in terms of his illness and his relationship to the image, resonated with viewers on social networks two days after the episode aired.

Actually on the Facebook page of true naturethere are many comments from netizens wanting to say how much they appreciated hearing him reveal himself, in addition to being touched by his candidness…while sending him a few compliments through the band.

Here are some comments collected on the site:

“What an actor, but above all what a man with a big heart. Thank you for opening up to us like you did tonight, Denis. We wish you good health”

“Denis Bernard is still just as good looking and one of our best actors. Bravo, he was an excellent guest, thank you!!!”

“Your testimony is amazing. You really are a wonderful person and also as an actor.”

“Truly a handsome man, inside and out”

“Big heart, great actor. Thank you for opening in words, emotions, hearts and music. Wow, what a beautiful and human being. All my admiration.”

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