Demi Rose wears the best outfit to travel by helicopter    show

Demi Rose wears the best outfit to travel by helicopter show

Demi Rose wears the best outfit to travel by helicopter (Instagram)

Demi Rose wears the best outfit to travel by helicopter | Instagram

The beautiful model with an angelic face of British descent DemiRoseHe decided to surprise his followers with a fun video he was checking out the best outfit to travel by helicopter, in short, his later charms could not be better.

Apparently, every publication shared by the beautiful British celebrity is always appreciated by her millions of followers, especially those in whom her charms become the protagonists of them for a small fraction of a second.

For this beautiful occasion, Demi Rose appeared with an outfit that perfectly suited her fans travel by helicopterthis for the simple reason of being able to appreciate its beauty again.

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The British model’s flirtatious look consisted of a red sleeveless top with wide straps, the neck was not visible but the design certainly could have been rounded, followed by this flirty top with black pleated skirt.

On her shapely legs, we saw her wearing a pair of translucent black stockings, as well as a pair of boots in a shade somewhere between pink and red as they looked like they were made of suede.

The British model appears in the Slow motion videowhich gives a greater opportunity to appreciate her later charms, because thanks to the patoles her skirt had when the wind blew, she gracefully lifted it, probably more than one of her fans shuddered at this little girl and at the same time a huge part of her lush silhouette.

With a taste of your lips I’m about to take a ride,” Demi Rose commented.

In a perfect combination of the slow motion images and the combined melody of Britnet singers Spears Toxic and Katy Perry with Dark Horse, it sounded like “altego_music Toxic x Dark Horse” in the background of the video.

With more than 150,000 red hearts, the release of the beauties DemiRose It shows that any type of content always resonates with their fans, who like to see them either in photos or, failing that, in videos as in this case.

Probably among the ladies who watched the video of the brand’s star pretty little thingis the accessory that accompanies it, it is a beautiful bag in the shape of a huge red rose, more than you would like to have in your collection.

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