Delayed flight: Air Canada changes its version again

Delayed flight: Air Canada changes its version again

Air Canada has again changed its version to explain the delay of a flight from Montreal to Las Vegas last June. The airline wrote to both passengers and is now citing an employment law issue to explain the delay.

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This morning, Le Journal reported that for the same flight, Air Canada had made two different statements to two passengers, a married couple who had made a claim.

The airline cited safety issues for one of them and difficult weather conditions for the other.

According to emails consulted by Le Journal, one of the passengers even received much more attractive financial compensation than the other.

But on Thursday morning, Manon Boisvert and her spouse Mario received two emails. Air Canada still won’t compensate the couple and is offering them $300 credit towards a future flight.

However, according to the Canadian Air Passenger Bill of Rights, the compensation is $400 for a delay of three to six hours, which was the case for the two travelers.

But surprise, the airline is no longer talking about safety issues or weather conditions, but about issues related to the lack of staff.

“In your case, it has been determined that the primary cause of your flight delay was due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our operations, particularly unexpected issues with ground staff,” it said.

Air Canada continues to say it is not its responsibility and is refusing to pay full compensation.

“Starting May 1, 2022, ground work restrictions will temporarily be considered uncontrollable delays/cancellations due to pandemic impact on operations,” the company continues.

Air Canada has been heavily criticized for weeks. Many customers have received the same type of response.

Air Canada had still not explained the reason for the two different versions when asked by Le Journal on Thursday afternoon.