Deion Sanders shares how Colorado responded to Oregon loss

Deion Sanders shares how Colorado responded to Oregon loss –

Colorado crashed back to Earth in Week 4 and suffered a massive loss Oregon. In fact, the game was over before the second quarter even began Deion SandersThe team is experiencing some adversity for the first time this season. Dan Lanning made sure to keep everything on the field and really did it for the Buffaloes.

Sanders could be down and upset about the Oregon loss. Especially with a really solid one USC The team is coming to Boulder this week, including the reigning Heisman Trophy winner Caleb Williams. But Coach Prime’s attitude couldn’t be more opposite.

He won’t stop high energy just because of a loss. Colorado will show the same work ethic heading into Saturday’s contest.

“We’re still at a peak,” Sanders said. “We’re not on a seesaw. We don’t move up by decreasing weight. We rock quietly. We are still at a natural peak and still working hard to achieve perfection. We still love what we do, do what we love.

“We are still who we are. Things just happen in life, but we can’t stop. We have to continue to pause and move forward, move quickly and still go our way.”

Sure, it might have been a bad loss for Oregon. Still, everyone in Boulder will be up for the USC game. Sanders appreciates the crowd at Folsom Field and is grateful for the impact the community has had on the program.

If anything, the Oregon loss allows Sanders to bring the underdog mentality back to his team. He believes the role is needed in college football.

“I love our kids, I love our staff,” Sanders said. “I love our community. I love the support, the student body. I love every bit of it. I can’t wait to see them show up and show off.

“David must have a Goliath. If David doesn’t have Goliath, he can’t use his stones.”

Sanders is not wrong that his team is once again an underdog. Entering the game, USC held a 21-point lead, a significant margin for a Pac-12 game expected to be watched by over 10 million viewers (or so FOX hopes). If Colorado were capable of pulling off an upset, it would be because of the mentality Sanders adopted after the loss to Oregon.