Deianira Marzano: "Two women on the show would be pregnant!"

Deianira Marzano: "Two women on the show would be pregnant!"

The influencer and gossip expert Deianira MarzanoShe, guest on the 55th episode of Casa Pipol, started a scoop.

After responding to allegations by Federico Riccardi and Wild Romeafter which the blogger has often spread false reports that marzano revealed that two women from the show would be pregnant.

To ask you to name the interested parties, Gabriel Parpiglia:

This week you announced two alleged pregnancies in the entertainment world. Who are the protagonists?

Deianira He then revealed who the women in question are Giorgia Crivello and Natalia comparisons.

The first, model and blogger, is married to the basketball player from Vigevano Stephen Laudoni. The second, on the other hand, has been engaged to the former competitor of Big Brother Vip 5 for around four years Andrea Zellettaknown from the dating show Men and Women.

The former admirer is very popular on Instagram, so much so that her followers didn’t miss a detail: in one of the stories published by Compare, he explained, being overwhelmed by ravenous hunger. Turning to her friend she said:

Honey, tomorrow at lunchtime I want buttered sage ravioli, but buttered sage pumpkin ravioli with amaretti biscuits.

This phrase has made fans of the couple suspicious and fueled rumors surrounding the alleged pregnancy, which is now awaited to be confirmed or denied. Deianirahowever, has raised some concerns Nataliaargue:

This Compare She always hints that she is pregnant and then promptly denies it. Maybe he brings that into the picture when he has big publicity to do. But now he has not refused.