Deborah Secco says they have already offered her R10 million

Deborah Secco says they have already offered her R$10 million a night

Actress who describes herself as bisexual says she’s been in abusive relationships: ‘I’ve been cheated on by all my friends’

Deborah Secco, known for her role in Globo productions, revealed that she has already received an offer of R$10 million to spend the night with a suitor, but she turned it down.

“That will never happen. I was upset because I’m not for sale and someone who thinks about this possibility offends me a little”, she explained to High Definition, a sexually themed program broadcast in Portugal.

During her participation, the actress opened up about her relationships and claimed that she’s been through some abusive men.

“I’ve been cheated on by all my friends, in every respect. I’ve found that men aren’t good at cheating. Maybe because I’m a public person and things are so much easier for me. I have gossip journalists who call and tell me they told everything. I have printouts of interviews. I would get in my car in the morning and have a condom purchase slip by the crack of dawn. Men do what they do best. remembered.

Still engrossed in the subject, Secco defended that orgasm is becoming a more common agenda in today’s world.

“For me it was very difficult to get an orgasm through penetration. It took me many years to get it. I did a pompoarismo course, I looked for it … It was only possible because I had sex for naturalized me. sex for i am like drinking water, drinking bath. maybe i wouldn’t be able to get this orgasm if it wasn’t naturalized. it’s very cruel. talking about it is necessary. women need to talk about it. “