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Death of Pelé: Gianni Infantino, Contemplation of Shame

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Outrage on social networks and in the world press. Brazilian fans and ordinary football fans were quick to point out the nonchalant behavior of FIFA President Gianni Infantino, who traveled to Brazil to pay his last respects to Pelé during the funeral ceremony at the Vila Belmiro de Santos stadium, named after Urbano Caldera. The three-time world champion, who died on December 29, 2022 at the age of 82, was a national icon entitled to several days of impressive national mourning in Brazil, particularly in the city of all his exploits, Sao Paulo. But the final moments of this celebration were disrupted and spoiled by Gianni Infantino.

However, his symbolic visit was the opportunity to make a proposal to the 200 existing national football associations, the creation of a Pelé stadium in each country: “Pelé is eternal. FIFA will pay tribute to the king. We have asked all federations in the world to observe a minute’s silence before matches. And what I can tell you is that we will ask the federations, 211 countries in total, to rename a stadium to the Pelé name. That in every country in the world there is a stadium in the name of Pelé. Future generations must remember Pelé”. But this proposal, particularly criticized in Argentina, where the Maradona cult is stronger, has definitely taken a back seat, ridiculed, ridiculed because it was overwhelmed by critics for the too casual shots next to O Rei’s body.

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Scandalous photos

The head of world football’s highest body was one of the first to intervene during the funeral service, but some of his attitudes were noticed and criticized during his visit to Santos Stadium. Smiling selfies with some of those present a few meters from the Brazilian champion’s body, as well as a long series of interviews in the area where Pelé’s body was uncovered, were viewed very poorly in Brazil. Worse, in these ink-spilling photos, we see Pelé’s sister in meditation while the FIFA President holds up a cellphone to take a selfie with a man. In a second photo, another man stopped to ask for a photo with Infantino – who agreed without hesitation.

What comes after this ad?

Standing near the coffin, he was also seen comforting Pele’s widow, Marcia Aoki, and her son Edinho, while shaking hands with others standing under the canopy with a big smile on his face. Gianni Infantino, who attended the 24-hour vigil with the heads of the South American and Brazilian football federations, was widely accused of wanting to be the center of attention, of wanting to take all the spotlight of the event without respecting the meditations and prayers or the strong emotions during this vigil.

  • Death of Pele Gianni Infantino Contemplation of Shame

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