Death of Norah and Romy Carpentier Martin Carpentier didnt

Death of Norah and Romy Carpentier | Martin Carpentier didn’t like having someone else take care of his kids

Martin Carpentier did not like anyone but himself to look after his children, Norah and Romy’s maternal grandmother said Tuesday during the second day of the coroner’s hearings into her death.

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Lia Levesque The Canadian Press

Martin didn’t like it that the then wife of Amélie Lemieux, the mother of the two girls, hugged Romy, the relative’s grandmother Gaétane Tremblay.

She noticed changes in Martin Carpentier’s behavior in the weeks and months leading up to the three deaths in July 2020.

Martin Carpentier’s fear of losing custody of his children was constant, said the maternal grandmother, who lived in the twin next to him. She often collected his confidences, his fears, even after the separation from his daughter.

Even though everyone tried to calm him down by telling him that he had nothing to fear and that he was a good father, his fear returned.

He arrived at her house one afternoon “sweaty” and said he didn’t want to get a divorce, he didn’t want to remarry, he didn’t want to sell the semi-detached house, he wanted to move on next door to the maternal grandparents.

On another occasion, when he had a new spouse, Martin Carpentier said to his grandmother after a home visit: “I’m under pressure”.